Meandering through Malmö


When we last spoke I was off to take part in a Treasure Hunt Challenge. It was pretty fun. Our mentor group met up a one of the mentors’ apartment to do some face painting! The dress code for the day was black but other than that we were completely free in what we wanted on our faces. I decided to go with a panda look. Some of the face paintings actually looked really cool. I actually painted two faces that day: a Spiderman one (on a girl) and a Hello Kitty one (on a guy). We are a little twisted, I guess ;)


panda2.jpg             10414643_10152351809323181_6009117111895937416_n


The Treasure Hunt itself went like this: as a group we had to go to all the different nations around Lund, where we’d have to complete a challenge in order to get letters. The further away the nations were, the more valuable the letters would be. Of course, the more letter the better, because at the end of the game, we had to form a word with those letters. It was kind of like Scrabble, since some letters were worth more than others. Someone came up with the word ‘bluejay’, which unfortunately didn’t lead us to a win. But we had lots of fun, so that is all that really counts. 

On Friday, I decided to take some time to recollect myself and just take it easy. A day trip to Malmö sounded like the perfect thing to do. And so I went to Malmö, by myself. I know some people find it weird to go somewhere by yourself, but I personally feel that although I love meeting new people, socialising and just generally having people around, having some time alone is equally important. It helps me to organise my thoughts. Anyways, I digress. 

Malmö is only a short 10-15 minute  train ride from Lund, so I’m pretty sure this is not going to be the last time I’m visiting. First stop was the Stortorget which literally translates to Big Square’. The city also has another square, Lilla Torget (Little Square) because one simply just wasn’t enough. I went straight onto the main shopping street, Södergatan, because I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t. I picked up some minor bits and pieces for my room and a few postcards for my new little “project”. You can read more about that here. I also purchased my first flashy pair of trainers; they are bright pink! The reason I bought these is because I intend to start working out here. There is a gym right downstairs, in my building, so I don’t even have to go outside. Amazeballs. And it might be nice not to be out of breath when going up more than two flights of stairs, you know. Again, I digress. My next stop in Malmö was the city library (stadsbiblioteket). The outside looks pretty old and in my opinion very Amsterdam-like, but a more modern part was built onto it and this part is absolutely stunning on the inside! I can totally imagine myself wandering around the books in this airy, light space of simplistic wonder (no exaggerations there!). 




To get to the library I had walked through this gorgeous cemetery. It may sound creepy, but this gamla kyrkogården was peaceful in a non-creepy way. I knew about this cemetery through my favourite youtube of all time, Essie Button. She (from Canada) and her boyfriend Aslan (UK) have this channel where they vlog (video + blog) their daily lives. However, as I was leaving for Sweden, they had started their own Scandinavian road trip, which they filmed everyday. I got some great travel tips from watching their videos, not to mention they are a hilarious couple. After my visit to the library and finding the Dutch section there, I walked over to Malmöhus castle. It wasn’t as great as I’d expected, but still nice to have seen it. I’d spotted the Turning Torso already, but trying to find a good look-out point to take a beautiful picture I got lost in this industrial area. Lots of roadworks, a few raindrops and a dozen workmen looking at me funnily later, I found my way back to the train station, kind of disappointed that I hadn’t found the beautiful place in Västra Hamnen that I’d heard about. But I guess there’s still time for that! To be honest, I was kind of disappointed by Malmö, I’d expected more from it. Maybe I have to give it some time, perhaps it will grow on me. c.jpg 


70b.jpg      ccc.jpg 

On Saturday I had made no particular plans, but I ended up having a lovely afternoon. Anni ( from Finland) was going out for brunch with some other people and she’d asked us, people from the Book Club to join. And who can say no to a reasonably priced brunch in Lund? Not me! I asked Lindsey, a Canadian girl from my corridor (she lives right across from me) to tag along. Although the nation where we were supposed to have brunch at turned out not to have any brunch at all, we ended up having a brunch that soon turned into lunch,  in a café. Talk about some amazing carrot cake! Lindsey and I then cycled back to Sparta to set up the wireless internet. Because Lindsey’s internet box thingy didn’t work she asked me to set up a router in my room so that we could have WiFi that we could share; great deal! Now I can actually move my laptop around my room without the annoying cable. 

Sunday, lazy sunday. I have literally done nothing today. Not a single thing. We do however have our first corridor meeting tonight, so that’s exciting. I actually think most people from my corridor have arrived, because I’ve met a lot more new faces in the kitchen these days, but it will be nice to see all the people that I have to partially co-habitate with together in a room. In the meanwhile the excitement levels are getting high when it comes to my first school day (Tuesday!). Nevertheless, I’m still quite nervous too.. I guess that will be a blog post for next week. 

Hej då!


PS: If you would like to see more pictures, you can always find them on my Facebook profile

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