Bakom molnen är himlen alltid blå

Hej mina kompisar!

It’s bean a busy couple of days. Even though I have been here for a couple of weeks now, I still feel like I’m running around trying to buy things, getting things sorted and finding new paths to ride my bike places.

Things did clear up the day after I wrote my previous, not so happy blogpost. I woke up to find a lovely postcard from my Belgian friend Sophie in my mailbox, the weather was absolutely gorgeous (and it has been all week!) and my bachelor paper topic got approved, which also means I have a supervisor now. I have decided to write it on Australian literature from the 19th century, which is extremely exciting for me because the country has a special place in my heart. I guess you should ask me again in a few months time and see how much enthusiasm I can still show for my paper then. Anyways, all good news. Other than that, Thursday was an average day; I caught up with some of my reading work, went to pick up a parcel with some of my books,…

I love Fridays. There is something about knowing that when you go home on a Friday, you will have the whole weekend to do whatever you want, 48 hours to fill with only the things I want to do. Friday morning started early, with an 8 am class of English translation. Probably the most fun class I’ve had until now. For some reason, I seem to really enjoy the translation work and the atmosphere in the classroom is great. Everyone was friendly, jokes were made and it all feels very relaxed. I love it! All we have to do for this course is translate 15 sentences each week (from Swedish to English), which is exactly like the format of the exam we will have in about 8 weeks. It was also the first class I spoke to some Swedish people; success after all! People will mostly speak English to me, and I have never told them not to, but when they do ask me whether they should speak Swedish or English to me, I will gladly answer them: Svenska, självklart! It seems that my coffee cup earrings are a great ice breaker, because well, Swedish people love coffee. I spoke to a couple of people that day, just because I was wearing them. One of the girls I spoke to, Hannah, was particularly nice. She even asked me to cycle home together, which was lovely. It was so great to finally have a full conversation in Swedish (or what would be acceptable as Swedish with a lot of grammar mistakes on my part).

After class, I was meeting with Svenja (from Germany, but she speaks fluent Dutch too) to make a dish for the knytkalas that we were going to that evening. A knytkalas is a potluck dinner, which meant everyone had to bring a dish from their home country. I had already made wortelstoemp and together we created some very greasy, but yummy kartoffelpuffer. The potluck dinner itself was a lot of fun. It’s great to come together with the same people once in a while (in this case my mentor group) and just talk about the past week. And the food was to die for; I even had some delicious home-baked lamingtons thanks to the Australian of the group, Hugh. Bonus points for him!


The next day, I had made plans with Lindsey, whom you know by now, and her other Canadian friends to go to Copenhagen. The excitement levels were high (after everyone had gotten some coffee, that is). We left at around 11 am and got there by noon; it is only a 40 minute train ride. I am so lucky to have so many amazing places to visit right around the corner. The first thing we did was go to the Carlsberg brewery. Although it was something that wouldn’t normally be on my list because a) I don’t drink beer and b) there are other things to do and see in Copenhagen, I was really happy I tagged along. It was a surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable visit. We had a stroll around the museum, everyone had their beers, we had some great lunch and we got to just sit and soak up the sun. Aaaah, does it get any better?




We walked back to the city centre late afternoon to see the colourful houses at Nyhavn. What a spectacular place. I could’ve probably sat near the water all day to enjoy the gorgeous view. Most people had the same brilliant idea and the place was packed. Luckily we found a spot to sit down, relax and enjoy our ice cream. So I guess it did get even better ;)

10599367_10203573236545161_4717552028808460709_n 10622806_10203573235785142_2395182327530373231_n 10659296_10203573237545186_8992071753731568463_n 10660097_10203573237465184_3042153387627359407_n

 We went on to the Vor Frelsers Kirke because you can go up to the top and the views were supposed to be amazing. And indeed they were! The way up was kind of scary too, because you go up this spiral staircase in the open air that gets narrower and narrower and narrower… But it was all worth it.


10647086_10203573238705215_8717814056753682874_n Our final stop was Christiania. I’ve never seen such a weird place like it. It’s this hippy place that self-governs itself (you can buy shares if you would like to even) and is a place where people can buy drugs (marihuana), drink, chill out. They did have a beautiful lake area, though. It was an experience to see this place to say the least. I get kind of nervous in these kinds of environments so I was happy we didn’t stick around too long; everyone was getting hungry anyways. We ended the night by going out to dinner at Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant. A delightful end to a blissful day. I have to admit, the Canadians are a great crowd to hang out with.

The next day I had to get up (too) early because I’d bought a ticket to go on a Nordic Wildlife Tour. We went to Skånes Djurpark, a zoo that specialises in Nordic animals. And indeed, there were a lot of them. We got a guided tour of the animals first, before we had some free time. You could tell everyone was kind of tired (rough Saturday night?), but it was quite nice just strolling around the park, taking a few pictures and -still- soaking up the sun. The great thing about going to these events alone is that I never spend the day along; I either end up running into someone I’ve met before or I meet new people. I love how that is possible in this little town of Lund. It’s truly amazing. We spent the afternoon near a lake, where some people were brave enough to take a swim. The weather had by that time become a little grey and when we left it was raining.

DSC_0018 DSC_0029 DSC_0038 DSC_0068

DSC_0083    DSC_0078     DSC_0085

A lot of pictures in this blog post, I hope you all don’t mind. Today was just another regular day of school. It was my second English Linguistics course. I like this course too, because there is only six of us in the class. This makes it feel very personal, almost like  a private lesson, because we can ask a lot of questions, it’s easier to speak up and things just get done quicker.

That is all I have for you folks today. Have a good week!


PS: I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has emailed me, messaged me, sent me a postcard or commented on this blog after my last blog post. I am very lucky to have such a great support system, wherever I am in the world. I want you all to know I really appreciate it; it can make my day, so keep ‘m coming ;)
Also, thank you to everyone who has spoken so kindly about this blog. It is so nice to hear that people are reading my blog (and enjoying it!) Happy reading, guys!

One thought on “Bakom molnen är himlen alltid blå

  1. Elke keer is het een genot om je blog te lezen. Mijn Engels is niet zo goed, maar gelukkig door het skypen kan ik wel alles begrijpen. Fier op je , volwassen en zo zelfstandig.

    <3 you xxx Mama

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