A fika a day…

Tjena! I think I have come to a point where my blog posts will become less frequent because I feel that I have finally settled into a nice routine here in Lund. Of course I will keep updating you guys if there’s even the slightest excitement happening in my daily life. So here we go. Tuesday was the day of our second choir rehearsal. Who knew I’d enjoy it this much. I’ve decided that I’m definitely more comfortable singing alto than I would be singing soprano and I’m starting to get used to reading music. Last time we did ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, which honestly is harder than you’d think it would be, and it sounded really cool. There is a concert this week, but I don’t think I feel quite ready yet to face an audience. Who knows, maybe I will be when the Lucia concert (in December) is being organised? I was supposed to go to a double birthday celebration that evening, but I didn’t end up going because I was pretty tired – weekends are not for resting up, they are for having fun and staying up late! Also, the weather here has suddenly gone from summery to autumn. Leaves have started falling, gusty winds have been following me, to my and my hair’s disliking, especially when I have to bike, which is basically every day, and rain has been “welcomed” back to Lund. So yes, I decided not to go because there was some serious raining going on that not even my pink rain jacket would’ve been able to withstand. I spent the whole day of Wednesday inside studying and reading, which meant that I had become a crazy person by the evening. I decided that no human interaction all day was not helping my mood, so I begged all of my friends here to come to Kalmar nation’s pub night and ended up having a very enjoyable evening. I met up with Mark (Australia) but I also ran into some other girls that I knew, Sarah and Molly from California. So I’d like to  thank those guys for preventing me from becoming a hermit. On Thursday nothing special happened but I decided that it was time to plan some trips. And guess who will be spending New Years Eve in Lapland? Yes, me! I booked a trip with this organisation called Scanbalt, which focuses mainly on students abroad. I honestly can’t wait to tick of some of the things on my Swedish Bucket List while I’m there. I obviously plan on taking other small trips as well, like Göteborg for example, but this trip was one of the things I’d planned on doing before I even got here. I concluded the week by going to Kalmar Nation pub night (I know, again) with Jildou (Holland), Svenja and Andrea. It was a nice evening, despite us having to wait for an hour and a half before being served the burgers we ordered. Needless to say we were starving at that point. We even went to the bar to ask for peanuts, but no, nothing. At some point I considered eating the table cloth, but the burgers got there just in time. And they were yummy! Or maybe my judgement was a bit tainted by my level of starvation.

pub On the weekend, you could say I was running the risk of becoming a hermit again, but because the student life is so active in Lund and because there is always something to do, any day, any hour, it’s become nearly impossible for me not to go to an activity almost every day. I am looking forward to having more time to go to those activities because I have thoroughly enjoyed every single on of them up till now. Anyways, I digress. What I actually wanted to tell you is that I went for brunch at Hallands Nation on Sunday with Svenja, Anni and Andrea, where we were able to join a table of lovely Austrian girls. Great way to start the day, if you ask me. brunch I hope this hasn’t become too much of a rundown of what I did; I don’t want my blog to be a place where I sum up what I did and nothing more. I have really enjoyed writing this blog so far. If only I could do this for a living! Anyways, you should be up to speed now. Today was a rather normal weekday. I read some of my literature, went to class, had a fika (I am loving this concept way too much) with Naomé (Belgium), managed to fail but right afterwards also succeed inflating my bike tyres.


I’ve had some adventures with this bike; I feel like we’ve bonded really well in the short time that we’ve spent together. There may or may not even have been an incident where I ended up in the bushes. Turns out I am just not cut out to be a cyclist. I’m fine as long as the path is flat and I can go straight, but as soon as I have to make a manoeuvre of any kind, I turn into an uncoordinated mess. It’s a miracle my bike is still in one piece. Or that I am.


Ha det bra!


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