I have found this one to be particularly true whilst on exchange in Sweden. I mean, can you ever cram enough points of views, interesting people, stories and experiences into twenty four hours? That is of course a rhetorical question. To be honest, one of my greatest fears is missing out. People I could have met, conversations I could have had, books I could have read, laughs I could have been a part of. I have probably spent more time worrying about whether I am missing out on anything than I should have, often at the expense of activities that I had decided to take part in, hence missing out on them. But lately I’ve been thinking that making the most of the twenty four hours that we get in a day is all that we can do. Trying to snatch as many opportunities that are being thrown in your direction. I think I’ve managed to grab some really extraordinary ones up until today and I am very thankful for that. The same goes for the people around me who are constantly cheering me on; it’s you that keep me inspired to keep catching hold of as many of those exceptional experiences as I can (even when my arm gets really tired).

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