Dear Somebody #4

Luc Lenaerts

Dear Somebody,

You get this card because you are one of the most important people in my life. Although I don’t always show my appreciation, I am extremely grateful for your presence. You are an intelligent, compassionate and humble person. Sometimes I think you don’t take enough credit for the things you do. You have been a constant in my life, wherever I may find myself in the world. It’s your opinion I value most when I have to make a tough decision. I hope I grow up to be as wise and exceptional as you are.



One thought on “Dear Somebody #4

  1. Dear daughter of mine, i’am very touched by your card. I guess i ‘m going to keep it as a traesure for those days life will be less kind for me than it is by now. The card makes me emotional cause very little times in my life compliments have been that deep and touching. Your now at the age of wisdom but you can continue to count on the parental advices of your oldie(s).

    Proud to be your dad

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