So the plural of moose is?

Hej allihopa!

So let’s start where we left off last time.. Remember I was so happy about finally having a fully functional bike, including inflated tyres? Well, I was cheering too soon, wasn’t I? I had to go to class on Tuesday morning so I was happily riding my bike to SOL (which is short for Språk- och Litteraturcentrum by the way) with some lovely morning sun to warm up my face when I was abruptly brought back to reality by an incredibly loud bang. My bike tyre had literally exploded. What a wake up call. I still made it to class in time, but this event sure messed up my plans for the day (read: prevented me from studying). Luckily Anni, a Swedish girl from my English linguistics course, was kind enough to show me where the nearest bike shop was. I decided to look on the bright side of things and I had several reasons for that: a) I did not have to go to the creepy guy at the other repair shop, b) I was able to buy a basket, which has already transformed my (cycling) life, c) I am pretty sure my bike has now been fixed for real. For. Real. And d) I got it back the SAME DAY. Best bike shop ever.

Because I didn’t want to walk all the way back home and then come back to get my bike, I decided to stay in town and have lunch with Naomé and two Swedish girls from our class. Unfortunately we took too long deciding where to go and eat and the other girls had to get back to class before we had even sat down to eat. Naomé and I on the other hand got to enjoy a delicious Chinese and Vietnamese lunch buffet with the beaming sun to keep us warm. (A bit too warm even, I was not dressed for an Indian summer.)


To kill some time and because I thought I might as well make the most of the time I was spending not reading for my lectures, Naomé and I decided to go to Hyllie by train, where there is a giant shopping centre called Emporia. We had a walk around and I am planning on going back when I have more time (and perhaps money) to spend. I got home safely after having gotten back my bike and decided not to go to choir this time because I had some catching up to do on my reading and mainly because I just didn’t feel like it because the day had been so stressful.


I didn’t do particularly much on Wednesday because I had such a long day at uni (from one to seven), but I did manage to meet up with Svenja at Kalmar for their Games Night, which was quite fun until I realised how tired I actually was.

The next day was exciting because I didn’t have class and it was the first time that I didn’t have so much reading to do that I couldn’t go anywhere. Or maybe I have become a better procrastinator. Nonetheless, I met up with Sarah and Molly at the train station that morning to get some early fika and to get our (Sarah’s and mine) t-shirts for the Color Run on Saturday. I also got to meet the other Molly (also from California) who was equally nice. After fika/lunch (should I call it flunch?) Molly and I had plans to go to the beach, whereas the other girls had to get back to class.

We could not have picked a better day for it. Even though the weather forecast said it was going to be cloudy, it was absolutely gorgeous weather out. The sun was there, not a cloud to be seen and temperatures rose to 25 degrees! Perfect. We caught the bus to Lomma, which is the nearest beach town to Lund, where we got lost trying to find the beach. Not sure if it was my understanding of Swedish that was lacking or if the bus driver just gave us poor directions. Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that we got so distracted by all the pretty boats? Anyhow, we eventually made it to the beach, which was (almost) deserted and very pretty. You could even see the Turning Torso (Malmö) and the Öresundbron (Copenhagen), which as amazing. We ended up just talking and playing cards on the sand, so nothing extraordinary, but aren’t those the best moments anyways? I think so. After the obligatory ice cream chow down we went back to Lund. Overall a great day spent in equally great company.


As I have mentioned before, the weather here has been exceptionally great and I have been trying to take advantage of that as much as possible. However, with so many essays and books to read I have found that it can be quite easy to stay in your room all day. But I would have none of that on Friday and decided to spend the whole day outside. I started off my day with an early (8 AM) class, which I don’t really mind because they allow me plenty of time to do whatever I want after. The same two Swedish girls from Tuesday (Anni and Nelly) had invited us to go to lunch with them at Café Oskar, which is a crêperie. A great way to get the studying going. I met up with Naomé near the university library and we spent the entire afternoon reading in the sun. Aaah, it’s a hard life being an exchange student.

 1888562_10204726941843217_3616800255365706191_n          WP_20140919_002

Saturday was the day of the Color Run. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself participating in a sports event voluntarily. But I guess the colour run is kind of different. For those of you who don’t know it, it is a 5 kilometre run, where you get splashed with paint every kilometre on the way. The aim is to run the 5 kilometres, have a lot of fun and look like some version of My Little Pony by the end of it. I had found an equal in my companion, Sarah, because we both decided that we would be better off walking most of it. Sneaky us pretended to be very sporty every time we approached one of the color station and ran through them as if the whole run had been a breeze. I had a great time! I think I will remember this day for a long time (and I’m not just saying that because I now have pink hair to constantly remind me). Here are some before and after shots for you.


We were lucky enough stumbled across some international food stalls in town and had some delicious Hungarian langos for lunch. They were part of Kulturnatten, which was a day in Lund where all the cultural organisations (libraries, museums, choirs, bands,…) organised something in town. You can go and watch performances, have a drink, go to a reading, etc. The Color Run was part of this day too. I think it’s a great concept.

That same night, I went to Sarah’s place to get ready for Kalmar Nation’s Novischfest. It’s a party where they welcome all the new members to the nation. What I didn’t know about this party was that it was actually a sittning. A sittning is a very old Swedish student tradition. You dress up (I was dressed up but still underdressed) and have a three course meal first. This involves a lot of singing, a lot of saying skål and consequentially also a lot of drinking. I can assure you the singing was a lot louder at the end of the night ;) After the traditional part, it is time for a mellanfest (or “in between-party”), where all the tables are being cleared and put aside. After the mellanfest, it is time for the actual party to start. I had a whale of a time! I love how Lund is such an active student city. I feel like I truly belong here, because there is such a wide variety of people and activities. It seems impossible not to fit in. I feel like here in Lund I have found the student life that I have always wanted but never really managed to achieve in Ghent, Belgium. I have no idea why it is so different, but I do know I will enjoy it as much as I can for as long as it lasts. (Now this sounds almost like I’m having an affair with Lund as a student city, wow.)

WP_20140920_003      WP_20140920_004        WP_20140921_002

And this brings us back to Sunday, which is my lazy day. I do laundry, sleep, eat, sleep more, attempt do some reading,… I get myself together for the coming week, basically.

I will talk to you then!

Hoppas att du har en trevlig kväll!


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