For this week’s Wordy Wednesday I thought I’d share something different. For a while now, I have been reading a blog called A Path Unpaved. I love reading every single one of the featured blog posts and when Marisa, the writer of this blog, asked for people to send in a letter for her “Dear World” series, I didn’t hesitate for a second to send in mine. Basically, you write a thank you letter to the world, expressing what you are grateful for. You can read my letter here. However, since I have been in Sweden for over a month now, I have more than enough new things to be grateful for that I could put in a letter. So that is what I’ll do.



Dear World,

Thank you for waking me up with a few warm rays of sun that peek through my blinds almost every single morning. Thank you for the surprisingly warm and sunny days I’ve been able to enjoy here in Sweden. I was not ready for the cold yet. (And not sure if I ever will be.)

Thank you for the amazing bunch of people I have been able to meet and am still meeting here. It’s amazing how so many people from all over the world can become such good friends after only a short time. Thank you for the fikas, the walks, the bike rides, the jokes and the conversations I get to share with them.

Thank you for frozen vegetables. Happiness can be pretty simple sometimes.

Thank you for the Swedish language, which has been a struggle but also a delight. I love the sound, the words, the people that I can share it with. Thank you for wonderful words such as fika, sittning, orkar, hinna, fredagsmys and the concepts that they represent.

Thank you for Skype and for thus letting me keep in touch with the wonderful family and friends I have back home. For the blurry faces but familiar voices. Thank you for postcards and stamps that allow me to send a personal message to someone special every week; the written word is still a great gift.

Thank you for this opportunity that has been amazing so far. For the friends, the laughter, the discoveries, the delicious food, the amazing buildings and the happiness that makes me enthused about getting up every day to enjoy more of all of this.



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