Autumn comes. Colourful leaves.

Hi there loyal readers,

I can’t believe another week has gone by. Without me noticing, there it goes, gone. And this week wasn’t even particularly eventful. So I’ll try to keep this blog post short. I’ll try, but we all know what happens: I digress.

Monday was so boring and so uneventful that I might as well skip it. Let’s just say it involved some going to class, a lot of homework and a lot of napping. I get tired just thinking about it. Let’s move on to Tuesday. Not a lot happened during the day, but as usual I went to choir rehearsal in the evening. I’m still enjoying it although I feel like it’s becoming kind of routine and not is no longer as entertaining as it was at the start. But I intend on going every week nonetheless. After choir I went to the pub at Kalmar Nation, which is becoming a weekly thing as well. I should really start exploring more of the nations. I’m just not really a let’s-get-drunk-and-dance-the-night-away kind of gal, I’m more of a pub person and Kalmar is great for that.

Although there had been clear signs that I was coming on with a cold (a lot of sneezing, cold feet, very tired), it took me by surprise when I woke up the next morning. I always go through this denial period, kind of like Monica in  that scene in Friends (yes, I’ve recently started watching Friends, probably a decade too late). Anyhow, I think it’s because the temperatures here have dropped very suddenly. One day it was 20 degrees, the other day is was only 12. The temperatures are a bit better now, but it’s pretty undeniable that autumn has arrived: cold mornings, lots of wind and rain and as mentioned before, the obligatory cold. But, to end with a positive note, also the occasional stunning sunrise and a palette of gorgeously coloured leaves.


Wednesday was my last Children’s Literature and Culture in Sweden class, which I found pretty exciting because it meant I would have some more spare time in the next weeks. The only thing is: I have to write an exam paper in order to get a grade. The form of the exam (hemtenta) is quite different to what I’m used to in Belgium: we get an exam question, get to take it home and work on it with all our material before we have to hand it in on the deadline six days later. Well, I’m not complaining! It turns out the exam question only asks us to analyse a children’s book (Boken om Mademoiselle Oiseau – Andrea de La Barre de Nanteuil) for which we get to pick four questions as guidance out of a series of ten. Pretty standard, but somehow I am still pretty insecure about my analysis; maybe they expect a different approach here? I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when I get my grade back (which by the way is a fail (underkänd), pass (godkänd) or pass with distinction(väl godkänd)).

Every Wednesday night a Café Multilingua is held in the SOL. Because my class finished at the exact time the café would start and because it was in the same building, I decided to just go there solo and check it out. And I am so happy that I did! So, basically you just go to the café, where there is a different table set up for every different language. You just go and sit at the table of your choice and start talking to a random person in the language that was assigned to the table. As simple as that! Of course, I joined the Swedish table and I have not spoken that much Swedish in one night since I got here! I seemed to be very confident in Swedish all of a sudden (maybe because there was no pressure to speak perfect Swedish?) and I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, I have a class that clashes with the café every two weeks, but there is no doubt that I will go back whenever I can.

Thursday was pretty much the same as Monday, so nothing to report there. On Friday, I decided to give myself the night off before starting to write my exam essay the next day. I went out for Thai food (pretty reasonably priced AND delicious) with some friends before heading to Kalmar Pub. (Did I mention they sell these delicious ciders there?)

WP_20140926_002 WP_20140926_004 WP_20140926_003

And that has been my week! Today I spent the day writing my exam essay, which is almost finished now, ahead of the scheduled time. A very productive day. Tomorrow I have plans to go to this event in Stadsparken, which is supposed to be a type of harvest celebration (skördefest). I thought it might be worth checking out. If it turns out to be really boring, there is always the emergency option to go for fika (if you don’t know what this is by now: what is wrong with you?!)

Random: the view from my room.

In other news: I have booked a trip to Iceland in January. I’m so excited to go on this trip, even though I’m going by myself. I think it will be good to do some solo travelling before I conclude my semester in Sweden. Organise my thoughts, sniff up some more of the wonderful Scandinavian culture  and reward myself one last time before heading back to Ghent University where I have to start writing my bachelor thesis.

But, wait, there’s more. October seems to be visitor’s month because I have the honour of receiving (a) guest(s) not once, but twice! Sophie, my Belgian friend is coming for a visit mid-October, and I have my parents and brother’s visit to look forward to the weekend after that. I can’t wait to show them around and explore a little bit more myself with them as company.

Until next time,


PS: You see, I really tried to keep this blog post short. I just like writing too much. Apologies.

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