Lagom är bäst: a little bit of everything.

Hejsan, hoppsan!

I bet I left you all on the edge of your seat with a cliffhanger like that in my last blog post; I mentioned I was going to this skördefest, which, as I expected, turned out to be a kind of harvest celebration and market. It wasn’t particularly big, but the atmosphere was agreeable and it was the perfect break from studying. I met up with Sarah, Andrea, Svenja and Molly and we browsed through all the cute little stalls that all had a very autumnal vibe to them. We saw lots of pumpkins, fruit, jam and other artisanal goods, I even got myself some apple honey. What attracted most attention however was the stand where you could make your own apple juice, provided you brought your own apples and bottles. After our visit to Stadsparken, we decided to have pancakes for lunch. Great way to get me kickstarted on my exam writing that afternoon.


After spending another day inside putting the finishing touches on my take home exam, I decided to just hand it in on Monday, a day early, because it was as good as it was ever going to get. We’ll see how good that is when I get my grades back. No point worrying about it for too long afterwards. 

Tuesday, I rewarded myself with a full day of shopping. I headed to Emporia Shopping centre in Hyllie (near Malmö) by train and was ready to conquer all the shops. And boy, did I do just that! With an amount of bags I was ashamed to walk around in Lund with, having spent a sum too ridiculous to disclose, I returned home very satisfied. Not that I need any justifying my shopping spree, but I hadn’t gone shopping in a LONG time. Plus, it is such a pleasure to shop in this particular shopping centre; it is so big and spacious and during the week it is very quiet and peaceful.

Proof that autumn has arrived.

I had to come back in time, however, because I had signed up for this thing called the Swedish Lounge. It is a weekly event, organised by the Lund University’s International Desk, where you can go and speak Swedish to other learned as well as native Swedish speakers. Every week there is a theme, but this week the team was -you guessed it- fika. On top of great conversation, we also got to make or own chokladbollar. On a side note, I am seriously beginning to doubt whether the government has a secret fund set up for fika purposes. I mean, the amount, deliciousness and the fact that fika is almost always free will make you question the existence of such a Fika Fund in no time. Anyhow, that is not why I went to the Swedish lounge of course, I had a great time talking to different people, including this girl from my corridor, Julia. What a lovely coincidence we both went to this event; maybe I can start improving my Swedish in the corridor kitchen now too! If only I wasn’t so shy to speak, but I’m working on it.

Wednesday was a long, long school day. I had class from 10 to 12, had lunch, spent the entire afternoon doing group work for Sociolinguistics with Naomé and then went to class until 7. We are getting so spoiled here with the little hours we have to go to uni and the many (!) free days we get. But I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

On Thursday, I met up with Lindsey for lunch, because we hadn’t seen each other all week because we couldn’t go to choir due to a simultaneous cold. Coughing our way through the songs was not an option. Things are getting better now, though. I have been taking very good care of myself. Don’t you worry, grandma. In the afternoon, I had arranged to go to Kulturen with Stacey, a girl from China that I’d met on the IKEA trip. Kulturen is a type of history museum in Lund where they exhibit historic artefacts, houses from different ages and showcase some temporary collections as well. I didn’t really expect much from this museum, thinking it was tiny but it turned out to be so much bigger than I thought and I found my 45 kronor to be well spent. Stacey and I walked around for a good two hours before getting really tired and in need of some fika to pick us up. Stacey’s first fika nonetheless! I had a lovely afternoon.





I spent Friday doing more school work, preparing for a presentation for English Linguistics that I have to give on Monday. We’ll see how that goes, because I don’t understand half of the text myself, but then again those presentations seem to be very laid-back here. Of course, I’ll keep you updated.

This brings us back to Saturday already. It’s such a cliché, but the weeks are really flying by here. One minute it’s the weekend and within the blink of an eye I’m writing another blog post on the past week. I love it, though! :) Today was national Cinnamon Bun day (Kanelbullens dag) and as the tradition (sometimes I think it might be law; Swedes definitely love their cinnamon)  prescribes, we did some kanelbulle baking! It was also really nice catching up with some of the people that I met on my first ever day here in Sweden.

DSC_1146 DSC_1153DSC_1159 DSC_1157 DSC_1166 DSC_1151

This week has been a concoction of all types of activities, people and discoveries, contributing to a very lagom week. And as the Swedish proverb says: Lagom är bäst, so bring on more of these varied but balanced weeks!



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