A day later than usual, but here are some thoughts.

Happiness, it’s a peculiar thing. Everyone wants to have it, it’s everyone’s pursuit in life. But is there really such a thing as “finding happiness” or do we create our own? I believe happiness is a combination of both. I think happiness needs hard work: knowing who you are, pursuing your dreams, meeting the right people, being in the right place at the right time, finding a balance between ambition and taking time for yourself, have self-confidence. All those things take work, dedication and initiative. However, I also believe that in our quest to achieve all those things, happiness takes us by surprise. Without warning. Completely, fully and utterly, it captures us.  Overwhelmingly. To me, happiness is plural; it’s many little moments, whether they be seconds, minutes or hours. And isn’t that just even better; to be able to be caught off-guard and to be dazzled by the best thing in the world, not just once but on numerous occasions?

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