Äventyret väntar på dig


A busy week has gone by. A week of adventures and discoveries. In the best way possible, of course. Prepare for a blog post with LOTS of pictures.

Sunday was a day spent outdoors.  Andrea and I had decided to catch a train to Helsingborg, where we would catch a bus to Mölle, where we would then start our hike to Nimis. I don’t know how else to describe it other than that it is an artwork by the infamous Lars Vilks, made entirely out of wood, somewhat resembling castles, but also very different from anything I’d ever seen before. So we started our hike, which turned out to be around 12 kilometres there and back, part of it on very steep slopes and rocks, may I add. Those of you that know me will be able to tell you that  I am not much of an outdoorsy or sporty kind of person. In fact, I see sports as (a necessary) evil and am therefore not very fit. So yes, this was a big deal for me. I am, however, happy to say that I made it there and back alive. The way back (which was uphill) was a killer though, but with a few breaks I managed to get to the top. I was sweaty, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was very out of breath, but let’s ignore that for a second and let my victory shine through. Anyhow, when we got back from our hike, we thought, since we had walked this far anyways, why not go and check out  Mölle’s harbour? We were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and authentic the harbour was and we got to spend about an hour soaking up the sun, relaxing and drinking coffee outside, before catching a bus back to Helsingborg. All in all a very successful, lovely, sunny, sporty yet relaxing day. A Sunday well-spent.








Monday wasn’t very exciting in comparison to Sunday, but I did have  a presentation for English linguistics to prepare. I am a really bad public speaker; my thoughts get all tangled up, my mouth gets all dry, my voice gets shaky and my stomach is just all knotted up, but somehow I always manage to get through them. And so I did on Monday too.  With the remark that my presentation was “very good”, I went home very happy.

As I have mentioned before, I have been wanting to try hot yoga (yoga in a room of 40 degrees celsius) before. So on Tuesday, I got up super early to go and try one of their morning classes. Little did I know this particular morning class was only for advanced participants (which I am, of course, not). So I went home, decided that this morning bike ride would suffice as exercise for the day, and did some school work. I spent the afternoon having fika with Camilla (Italy) from my Swedish class. It was so nice to speak Swedish to each other, even though we could’ve easily spoken English if we’d wanted to. Bonus points for us, I’ll say. After that, I went to the weekly Swedish lounge. This week’s theme was Swedish music. We became second in the music quiz, missing out on the bags of candy by only one point. Instead of going to choir afterwards, I decided to go to Kalmar for their pub night with some of the people from the Swedish lounge. I’m getting kind of bored by the choir and I don’t really want to keep pushing myself to go if I there is other fun stuff going on. We’ll see how it goes; if I have time, I’ll go, if not, I won’t.

Wednesday I spent the day doing school work, rewarding myself with a session of Café Multilingua afterwards. I do feel that the Swedish lounge sessions are of more use to me than the Café Multilingua, because the level of the Café is much lower than the Swedish lounge level. After the Café, it was time for my own little adventure; my long awaited hot yoga class. You know what they say: second time’s a charm (or something). Although I am quite used to venturing out on my own, travelling, shopping, going to meetings, I found that going to this class by myself was kind of out of my comfort zone. Yoga is a kind of sports after all. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I am delighted to announce that I may have actually found THE sport for me. I sweated like I’d never sweated before (who knew kneecaps could sweat?) but I wasn’t too bad in all the exercises and I felt so good afterwards. Needless to say I’ve already booked more classes. The great thing is that if I really enjoy it, I can do it in Ghent too, one of the few cities in Belgium that already has hot yoga to offer.

Another day trip was on my schedule on Thursday, when Naomé and I went to Ystad. We’d carefully planned everything, but: Murphy’s Law. First thing that arose was that the bus to Ales stenar (the main reason for our travels) only went every 4 hours. With too little time to explore Ystad and too much time on our hands to wait for the next bus, we decided to go in the afternoon instead. We explored Ystad for a while, which didn’t take that long considering it is a very small town, with little sightseeing to do, so we spent most of the afternoon going from one hanging place to the other.





When the bus finally arrived, we were very ready to conquer this Stonehenge-like highlight. As Murphy’s Law would have it though, we got off a stop too late, having to walk back (uphill) to the village of Kåserberga. Ales stenar itself was very beautiful; very desolate but high up so providing us with an amazing view over the coast. We figured out that most of the houses in the village were summer houses, which were now very deserted as the season is over, creating a ghost town feeling. Because of the lack of buses in the area, it was of vital importance for us to be in time to catch the only and last bus back to Ystad. Little did we know that you had to pre-order the bus. So there we were, stranded in a spooky village in the middle of nowhere. A few cars even passed by us, waving at us. Well, yes, thanks for waving but that doesn’t really help us, you know. We had gotten to the point where we saw no other option but to start hitchhiking. However,it seemed that at that point, Murphy’s Law had turned on us and we managed to get a free taxi ride all the way to Ystad, because another stranded lady (Anita), had ordered one. Those friendly taxi drivers!


Ale25.jpg Ale21.jpg Ale19.jpgAle20.jpg

We spent the evening warm and happy in Ystad, where we had a delicious Thai meal. We ended up completely forgetting about the time and having to (literally) run for the train, but everything turned out alright in the end.

Friday I had a day of classes (because I do go have to go to uni once in a while after all), but today I spent the day discovering some more by myself. I went to the second hand market down at Södra Esplanaden here in Lund, which is held every Saturday. I couldn’t find much that I liked, but I managed to buy a very cute, vintage box for only 10 SEK (about 1 euro), which now holds my collection of lipsticks. I then went on to catch a train to Helsingborg, where I arrived at noon. Luck had it there was an international food fair going on near the harbour, so of course I had to have snoop through; I felt right at home and had some French crêpes for lunch. They even had an Australian barbie stall! I walked around the city for about 3 more hours (and I can’t deny some shopping happened too, oops), before I went back home. I really, really enjoyed Helsingborg (and the gorgeous weather today!); I think I have a thing for places that are near the water, whether it is a river, the sea, a lake, there is always something magical about those cities. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up living near the sea some day.










Can’t wait for what next week has in store for me. Keep the adventures coming! :)



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