Hej alla,

Here I am again. It took a while because I am currently having some issues with my laptop. With the horrible weather (streets got flooded, just sayin’) here in Lund, my laptop got wet through my backpack. It’s now at the repair shop until probably next week, so I am currently living life without a laptop and let me tell you: it’s harder than it sounds. I will have to go to the library to do my school work, I have to reply to emails and messages on the tiny screen on my phone and to write my blog I have to rely on my friendly neighbour Lindsey (Thanks again!), who was kind enough to let lend me hers. Consequentially, there will be no Wordy Wednesday this week and (almost) no photos in this blog. I will add them later on, when life gets back to normal (aka when I get my laptop back).

Monday and Sunday weren’t very exciting. I did homework, laundry, the usual. So I was happy to get out the house on Monday evening for another hot yoga class. I have gone twice this week and I think it’s time to let you all know that it is true: I have found my kind of sports. Who would’ve known I’d find it in Sweden?

Tuesday was more exciting since it was the day I got my hair cut. Quite thrilling to explain it all in Swedish but it turned out to be exactly how I’d wanted it. The hairdresser I went to was on the expensive side, but seeing the result and the fact that I only get a haircut twice a year, I thought it was all worth it. To anyone in Lund, I’d recommend Capa. The same day brought more exciting things. Besides my weekly Swedish Lounge visit, I was invited to go to Molly’s 20th birthday. Very exciting indeed because it meant she was old enough to buy alcohol at the Systembolaget, the ONLY place to get alcohol anywhere in Sweden. The party had the shape of a potluck dinner, which made it all the more delicious and fun. I think a great night was had by all, including me!

Wednesday was filled with school work until my class at 4, which was followed by a thank-you-dinner for the mentors in our mentor group. We went out to dinner, which was pretty fun because I got to see all the people from my group that I hadn’t seen in a while.

I’ll skip straight ahead to Friday, the day my friend Sophie from Belgium would be arriving for a four day visit. She could not have picked a worse weekend though, because I think my excitement levels were just as high as the amount of rain that fell that day. We didn’t let that stop us, so after dropping off Sophie’s stuff at my place, she rented a city bike so we could go exploring Lund city. It only took us half a day to see everything: the Cathedral, the university buildings, the shops,… We then made our way to Kalmar nation, where we got Sophie a guest card so she could try some of the nations. We ended up only going to Kalmar but it was well worth the money because Sophie got to go to my weekly pub night, where we also ran into Molly, Molly and Sarah and a new friend, Anne (from the Netherlands). We ended up crashing their trip to the movie theatre where we saw ‘Gone Girl’. A super creepy but good film. Pretty tired we cycled home. What could’ve been a breeze turned into a real battle of man versus bicycle as those rented bikes are impossible to get anywhere with. The resistance is way too high and no matter how hard you try bike, your speed remains 0,5 km/hour. Sophie thus arrived at Sparta ready to faint. Time for bed it was indeed.

The next day was much better in weather terms. It was cloudy but dry, which was all we cared about. We decided to spend the day in Copenhagen and headed for the train station. Little did we know all trains between Malmö and Lund were canceled because of work on the tracks. No one knew which bus was going where at what time, everything was chaos and the normally politely queuing Swedes turned into maniacs running after buses as if they were on Titanic and needed to get on the last rescue boat. Anyhow, after half an hour of running up and down the bus strip we got on a bus that could get us to Malmö. From there we took a train to Copenhagen, where we got around lunch time. We spend saw the Rådhus (city hall), went through Strøget (walking street), where we spontaneously hopped on one of this touristy buses because we saw this as our best bet to see as much as possible in as little time since we’d already lost quite some time in transportation. The driver was nice enough to give us tickets at a reduced price because it would only be going for the next two hours. Within that time we managed to squeeze in the Lille Havfrue (The little mermaid), Rosenborg castle, Amalienborg, Nyhavn and finding the street I’d like to think was named after me. And some shopping. And fika, there is always time for fika.






We spent the evening at Tivoli, the amusement park right near the central train station. I was pleasantly surprised by the park because it was super cosy, everything was Halloween themed and the fact that it was already dark made it all come together even better. A great end to a great day.

The next day, Sunday, was kind of lazy. But then again, that is what Sundays are for, right? We didn’t get to Malmö until around noon, cold and wet because it wouldn’t stop raining cats and dogs. We resolved to a bit of shopping again, had lunch and decided it’d be a better idea to go to the Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) than to drown trying to find the Turning Torso. The museum itself was much smaller than I’d expected with only two floors. None of the exhibitions were really our new thing but at least we had something to keep us busy. After a tiny fika incident (a chocolate made of stone, a knife and a porcelain plate are a recipe for disaster) we headed for the St Petri Kyrkan and then back home. The evening we spent talking, laughing and just chilling. With or without face mask.


Today then was Sophie’s last day here so we went to Hyllie to the Emporia Shopping Centre on the hunt for shoes (not a success) and new headphones (success). Then it was time to say goodbye, but I wasn’t really sad because I have just really enjoyed having someone from home here and to be able to show them all “my” new places, my new home. I was prompted that same night with the question if I wanted to come to a (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner and of course my answer was YES. How many times will I ever be asked that question? Not enough to say no, obviously. So I canceled my date with the washing and instead prepared some green beans (they were a success!) and had an awesome and delicious dinner with really cool people instead.

And that was my week again. I will try and keep up to speed with my regular blog posting schedule but you’ll have to bare with me guys, because life without a laptop, a really busy week with 2 assignments due and more visitors to come (my parents and my brother) is not simple!

Talk soon,

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