Hem ljuva hem

Hi everyone,

It seems that some of you (talking to no one in particular here, Sander) seem to think my blog posts are “too long”. I will thus try and make my updates a bit more regular and hopefully shorter.

This week has, as per usual, gone by so fast. It seems that not even life without a laptop can slow time down. Not that I mind, still loving every minute, no matter how short that minute is perceived by me.

Tuesday was a day with a bit of everything. I did laundry in the morning, finished my assignments at the library, went back home and started preparing fika with Lindsey for our choir rehearsal. Once every semester, you have to team up with 2 other people and prepare fika for the whole group. In exchange you get to enjoy free fika the rest of the semester. My day was made when a girl I’d talked to before, in English, was surprised when I spoke Swedish and asked me if I was Swedish? Upon my negative answer I got the remark that I “sound very Swedish”. That’s all it takes to make my day, people, that simple.

On Wednesday I ended up going to lunch with Anni, Andrea and Fabian even though I had no particular plans. After our enjoyable lunch, we all got back to studying, like diligent students. Anni and I spent the afternoon at the computer lab, where I put the finishing touches on my assignments and sent them in the next day. I wanted to get them all done before my family’s visit over the weekend. I was rewarded for all my hard work by a relax evening (relaxkväll) at the local swimming pool with Sarah. We enjoyed the hot tub, a free drink, a very cold swim, all before the ultimate Swedish experience of sauna, which in Swedish is called bastu. As I’d already heard before, everything in the changing rooms and saunas happens naked. Butt naked. Sarah and I felt like true foreigners trying to get our swimsuits off underneath a towel (not an easy task). But let me tell you, if you see enough naked women, not caring at all, you stop staring at your feet and think: hey, we are all in this together, right? So we both walked back to our lockers with nothing but a towel to cover us, hoping I wouldn’t be so clumsy as to drop it. Luckily I was able to avoid any such fiasco.

On Thursday I had an early class, which was my final class of English translation. We now have a couple of weeks until the exam on the 7th of November, but it seems like it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. I spent the afternoon reorganizing and cleaning my room, for my mum’s rigorous inspection on Friday ;)

So Friday I hung around until I could meet my parents at the train station. My brother would be coming later because he was on a different flight. A few tears later (on their part), we made way to my room so they could see where I lived. I passed the test, phew. We then walked all the way back to the city centre, past the Botanical Garders, where I showed them the university buildings, the cathedral and the main shopping area. It took about 3 hours in total. Needless to say Lund is very small. When my brother finally arrived we went straight to dinner and had a lovely family meal. Reunited.

l1.jpg l2.jpg l3.jpg

The next day I had planned for us to go to Copenhagen. Although the weather forecast wasn’t very optimistic (rainy all day) we ended up having a great day (only 2 hours of very light rain). We did a tour of Copenhagen where we saw the City Hall, the shopping street, Parliament, Rosenborg castle, Amalienborg castle, Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid,… Some of it was done by foot, parts by bus, to the delight of my parents’ tired feet. My mum and I like to shop so that, of course, had to be part of our day. The men… not so much. They were always on the hunt for The Man Seat. We all know it, that one chair or bench in the store that is filled with men waiting around, most of them looking tired, distracted or annoyed. We spent the evening at Tivoli, had some pancakes and went home tired but happy.




We spent the next day in Malmö in some lovely autumn weather. The sun came out for the first time in over 10 days, which was probably a good thing seeing as my dad had put soap in his hair instead of hair gel. He was worried about it starting to foam if it were to rain. Classic.

We got the longest walk over and done with first by going to Ribersborg Strand, where the Kallbadhus is located. This is a sauna complex on a long pier in the sea. On top of that you are provided with some amazing views of the Öresundbridge and the Turning Torso. I can only imagine what this place is like in summer. Our next stop was the city library, which my brother seemed really impressed by. It is really a gorgeous piece of architecture and light. I found it especially beautiful on this sunny day with all the coloured leaves serving as background colours through the glass. Wow, getting poetic there, moving on. We made our way back to the city centre, saw some more sights (and shops) before heading to the real shopping deal, Emporia. Whilst my dad found his Man Seat, the three of us went on to do some shopping, after which we all had some fresh pasta at Vapiano. On the train back to Lund, a Swedish man started talking to us and a group of boys. It was quite a funny situation (for me at least) because I could understand what their conversation and jokes were about, whereas my family could not. I explained the inside jokes to them later, when we went to have beer at the pub near their hotel. Some strange figures walking around that early in the evening on a Sunday as well. All of which came up to talk to us, in Swedish, which meant I had to divert those slightly (read: very) drunk people. Nonetheless, a great last evening together.


mm2.jpg mm3.jpg





Stadsbibliotek area

Today, Monday, was my family’s last day in Sweden. Because we only had half a day it made sense to just stay and hang around Lund. There’s no point denying we didn’t do any more shopping. Especially on my mum’s behalf, who loves the Scandinavian design and seemed to become more frustrated if anything by seeing all the things she couldn’t take in her already full suitcase. With some more hours to kill before the train to the airport took off, we spent the afternoon going from one fika place to the other. Quality time, for sure.

So now they’ve gone, leaving a bit of a black hole. What am I going to do with my time now that I have no one to show around anymore? ;) I’m sure I’ll soon be able to fill it with more adventures, more pictures, more fika times. More people that I love to share this beautiful country with.

Until next time,


PS: The title ‘Hem Ljuva Hem’ or in English ‘Home Sweet Home’, refers to both the bit of home that was brought to me over the past few weeks as well as how at home I feel here in Sweden. I really feel like I am going home after a long day of exploring. I love it.

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