Sometimes this French saying is exactly what I need. Je m’en fous. I don’t care. Het kan me niet schelen.

I worry way too much. It’s a well known fact to many of my friends and family. There is always something to get stressed about. Whether it be school, your friends, your appearance or school (yes, twice). A little bit of je m’en fous is sometimes all it takes to make a day better; not caring about a bad hair day, not caring about one bad class, not caring about that one embarrassing thing I said earlier, not caring about wearing shoes that totally don’t go with the rest of my outfit. Because really those are only a few occasions out of many; only small parts of a day and gaining insignificance as time goes by. And they certainly shouldn’t (and won’t) determine the state of my happiness. So let’s all add a pinch of je m’en fous to the concoction of ingredients that is life.

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