You win some, you lose some.

Hej allihopa,

I am currently writing this blog post from my precious laptop. It is back! Although my corridor buddy Lindsey was kind enough to lend me hers while she was away (so kind, many thanks), it is nice to be able to write on an azerty keyboard again. It turned out there was absolutely nothing wrong with it after all. The technician did all sorts of crash testing, but everything worked fine. He was nice enough to call me, give me an update and send it back to Lund the next day. He thought it might have been something similar to a case he’d dealt with before, where the system had cooled down so much from being outside in the cold (perhaps in my case the rain) that it took so long to warm up again in order to properly function. Anyhow, it’s all a mystery to me but I’m glad I got it all checked out and everything is working as it should.

Back to Tuesday then. I did laundry, started and finished my group work with Naomé for sociolinguistics and went to the Swedish Lounge. This week’s theme was Halloween, what else? I’m not sure I’m still getting much out of the Swedish Lounges because more and more people keep flocking to them and it’s getting crowded at most tables, hence reducing the time per person to actually speak. Most of the time I end up listening to what other people have to say. We’ll see how it progresses with time. I ended up going to Kalmar Nation that night with Marie (Germany) and got to meet some of her lovely friends. It’s strange how here in Lund it only takes a few brief encounters to become friends with someone.


Wednesday I spent the day reading for sociolinguistics, so I was glad to finally get out of the house, even if it was for a class.. in sociolinguistics. I was able to unwind after that with another hot yoga class. As usual I was at the back of the class, since I am after all a beginner (although I am getting better!). This turned out to be not my smartest move as I was positioned right behind a lady with rather unflattering clothing. Not a problem for me until she started farting for a good thirty minutes. You see how my place comes in relevant here? Yep, I was right behind her. I couldn’t help giggling silently when the yoga teacher told us to take a deep breath, while I was screaming “No, thank you” on the inside. 

I got to sleep in on Thursday, because I was meeting Sarah for a late brunch/fika get together. We met at our usual meeting place, Espresso House. I really like this chain of coffee shops. It’s kind of like a Starbucks replacement (but can it ever be replaced though?). That afternoon I met up with Naomé again, who decided to tag along on my little adventure to the local arts museum. The museum is called the Museum of Public Art (Skissernas Museum) and focuses mainly on the process of art becoming art as we usually know it. I actually really enjoyed the set out of the museum. The rooms had high ceilings and every square inch was covered with paintings or sculptures, even on the ceilings! I spontaneously decided to go see Love,Rosie after our visit. It was a movie that I’d wanted to see for a while so I decided to just go it alone. And I didn’t regret it, I actually really enjoyed the experience of going to a movie theatre by myself. Another thing to tick of my list of things that are normally out of my comfort zone.




On Friday I tried to find some more sources for my bachelor paper, but I didn’t really get anywhere. I have no idea where to start. Totally clueless. But I am giving it another try soon. If anyone has any tips or experiences with this, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I know I still have plenty of time, but I thought why not start since I have all this spare time and nothing to fill it with? I went to another yoga class that afternoon and I was joined by both Sarah and Molly, who I might now have gotten hooked on it as well.

I didn’t really have any special Halloween party plans, in contrast to the rest of Lund, who seemed in a real party mood as exam week was over (I didn’t have any exams). I did however go to Kalmar Nation’s pub night, again, with Svenja. Because everyone else was getting dressed up and because it is part of Swedish culture to dress up at any possible occasion (Seriously. All. The. Time), I felt inspired and when I put on my orange jumper (totally by accident), I felt that I could pull off being a (not so) scary pumpkin. It took a lot of improvising and time, but I was happy with the result, featured down below. I don’t know if it was a vampire that put its fangs into my back bicycle tire that night, if maybe it was my own fault by riding over something sharp or if someone actually vandalised it, but when I was about to go home, I noticed that it was completely flat. Third time did not feel like a charm this time. So there I was, dressed as a pumpkin, walking home through the fog with my poor bike in one hand. Must’ve been quite a sight. Kind of depressing though. And because it’s All Saints weekend this weekend, I can’t bring my bike to the repair shop until Monday. Bikeless life it is again.

Photo on 31-10-14 at 23.10 #2

Today Stacey (China) and I went on an adventure to Helsingør in Denmark. It is the twin city of Helsingborg, which is right across the sea, on Swedish territory. I’ve never seen such a foggy day in my life though. At one point we couldn’t see the castle anymore and we were scared we wouldn’t find the train station anymore. Okay, that last bit might have been a bit exaggerated but still. The train ride was an hour and a half, so we both caught up on some much needed sleep and exchanged some Flemish music (Yevgueni) for some Chinese ballads. I love learning new things about all the different cultures I am surrounded by daily. In Helsingør we visited the Kronberg castle, the City hall, the main shopping area and the church. A relaxing (and cold and windy) Saturday. Prepare for a whole heap of pictures.











Ha det så bra!


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