My light in these dark days

Hej hej!

We all knew it was going to happen. Winter is coming. Inevitably. This means short days (it gets dark at around 4 now), darkness, cold, but I managed to find some light in these dark days.

Last Sunday was a quiet, typically lazy day. The only thing I did besides school work was go out for some fika with Andrea. Monday was a bit more exciting, because I had the first class for my new course. The course is called Diversity of the World’s Languages and it is thus a linguistics course. A major part of our grade consists of a group work where we have to write a grammar for a language that neither of us knows. We have decided to do our assignment on Icelandic. It should be very interesting (and kind of demanding since we only have about a month to finish our work). I don’t really mind the challenge though, because having one class a week was starting to get on my nerves. I guess it’s all about balance; to have enough classes to keep busy, keep my mind occupied but also to have enough free time to give my brain a rest. Lagom.

I have also started doing some reading for my bachelor paper to keep myself busy. I’m still completely lost and it’s been stressing me out a little bit, but I guess this is just phase in the whole process that any student has to go through. It’s impossible to have a crystal clear idea straight from the beginning. Like any idea, it needs some ripening. I’ll keep you updated.

I got a bit sidetracked there. So, Monday. The class was interesting, although we’d gone through most of the content in Ghent already, but it was good to get a refreshing overview. I think over half of the people in the class were exchange students, which will be interesting because we will have access to speakers of many of the languages that will be discussed. After class I went for lunch with Camilla (Italy) and got to practise my Swedish a little bit. It’s interesting to talk to someone who is, like me, studying Swedish in their home country. There’s not many of us! The end of our lunch date was perfectly timed because it was almost the time I got to pick up my bike. Turned out that the inner tires were really old, making it easier for the outer ones to get punctured. I don’t really understand all of it; all I know is I’m happy to have my main form of transportation back!

Innocarnivalen in Lund
A festival for (young) initiatives

Tuesday I did some more work for school until it was time to go to Swedish Lounge. Before that I managed to hand in some of my school books so they can be sold second hand. Lucky me got two emails that same night saying that two of my books were already sold! The Swedish Lounge itself was really fun. I guess it depends on what people you sit at a table with. The group was really big again, but somehow we ended up talking in pairs or smaller groups, which makes it easier to fully exploit the opportunity to speak Swedish.

All of my plans of studying and reading went down the drain on Wednesday morning when I overslept (big time!). I woke up three hours later than what I’d originally intended. I guess I needed the sleep.  I made up for my lack of effort in the afternoon with another lecture and by going to Café Multilingua. Instead of sitting at the Swedish table (it was full and tucked in a corner, so there was no way I was getting a seat there), I decided to sit at the English table. I met some more friendly people and had some interesting conversations. After that I went straight to my hot yoga class. I’m still really enjoying it and I’m surprised at myself for keeping at it for so long already!

Thursday was another lazy day. I went to lunch with Lindsey, whom I hadn’t seen in a while so we needed some catch-up time. After that I helped her try to find a dress for the International Ball next weekend, which (unfortunately) I can’t go to because I’ll be in Göteborg. Which I am, of course, also looking forward to very much! Then it was time to start some studying, because I had an exam the next day. I know, how come I wasn’t freaking out about this THE NIGHT BEFORE an exam, right?! Well, the exam was translation and there is not really anything you can study. I had a look at the eight series of sentences we had done in class. The exam itself went okay, I think. There were only one or two words that I really didn’t have any idea about (I do NOT know all the animals in Swedish yet). And then the exams were over. As quick as that. No weeks of suffering, no neglect of social life, no weeks without any natural light. Totally fine by me.

That night I met up with Stacey and another one of her friends, Siqi, also from China. She has been studying in Sweden for the past three years which I think is very impressive. We all cooked dinner together; I made the usual mashed potatoes with carrots (wortelstoemp) ,Stacey made some traditional Chinese dishes and Siqi provided dessert. Very yummy! We had a long and relaxing dinner and entertaining conversations. It was nice to meet another new friend. I find that being here has made me see countries less by the clichés and stereotypes that I know about them, but rather by the faces and personalities of the people that I’ve met from those countries.

This morning I went to an early hot yoga class, before breakfast. After having cycled there and back, having done my yoga class AND grocery shopping, I was almost ready to faint. I had a relaxing rest of the day and now I’m off to another sittning, in my heels, fancy dress and everything.

Gotta run (or bike)!



PS: Sorry for the lack of pictures this week. I didn’t take any. And I don’t think you’d want to see another twenty of Lund Cathedral.

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