#11 (aka 100 Things I Will Miss About Sweden)


  1. The smell of cinnamon everywhere I go
  2. Walking in and out of the classroom whenever I see fit (Need to answer your phone? No problem! Wanna go get a coffee? Go ahead!)
  3. Julmust
  4. Speaking Swedish whenever I want and hearing people speak the beautiful language everywhere
  5. The vaniljbullar in my local ICA
  6. My weekly visit to Kalmar Nation’s pub
  7. The many flavours of water they sell here
  8. Riding my bike everyday
  9. Cursing my bike every month
  10. Running into people I know, everywhere
  11. Sharing a corridor
  12. The gorgeous university buildings
  13. The Swedish state of the art technology and organisation
  14. The fact that everyone is always on time
  15. The fact that the trains and buses are always on time
  16. Fika
  17. Being a tourist in my own town (or region)
  18. How easily predictable the weather is (grey with a chance of rain)
  19. Writing my blog
  20. The tasty tap water
  21. Traditions
  22. The friendliness of the Swedish people
  23. The way of teaching: critical thinking, discussion and tolerance instead of being only book smart.
  24. The free time (Class? School? What is that?)
  25. Calling my teachers by their first name
  26. The huge assortment of knäckebröd in the shops
  27. Things in tubes (Mayonaise, caviar,…)
  28. Sauna’s, everywhere
  29. How the proper response to any kind of problem is: “I need coffee.”
  30. Saying ‘hej’ ALL. THE. TIME.
  31. Saying ‘tack’ ALL. THE. TIME.
  32. My weekly session at the Swedish Lounge
  33. Meeting new people every single day.
  34. The way my friend Molly (Walker) calls me Silk.
  35. How when I run into Molly, there is always another Molly and Sarah.
  36. Sharing a strong WiFi connection with the best neighbour, Lindsey.
  37. The fact that the Swedes love candy.
  38. How one day I went to get some papers signed by my International Coordinator and came out with a banana (because “I cannot finish this basket by myself, TAKE THE FRUIT”)
  39. The way people always tell me I’m ‘duktig’ because I speak Swedish
  40. People’s expressions when they realise I am not a Swede
  41. Laughing my ass off with Naomé when doing assignments (and doing it loudly too, because no one speaks Flemish anyways)
  42. Queuing
  43. Jämställdhet; it’s refreshing to see more pappas pushing prams for a change
  44. Trees, oxygen, all around
  45. Having lagom as a life’s philosophy
  46. Enjoying some fredagsmys on cold and dark days
  47. Recycling
  48. The Swedish way of dressing: a (black) monochrome outfit, with either white converse (summer) or black boots (winter) and a Fjällräven backpack to go with it.
  49. Sittnings
  50. The way my friend Andrea says ‘That’s great!’, smiles and makes me happy
  51. The fact that they have an entire day devoted to the Cinnamon Bun
  52. Free water in every restaurant and cafe.
  53. How safe I feel walking home at night
  54. Castles everywhere
  55. Free art galleries
  56. How the Swedes like to sing any chance they get
  57. And dress up. They like to dress up.
  58. The fact that I am so close to Denmark, but can always come home to Sweet Sweden
  59. Lund University, the best university.
  60. The fact that I will not be surprised to be in a room with over 10 nationalities
  61. Shopping. They have different shops and things, okay?
  62. Braids. Any age, time and place, they are always appropriate.
  63. Saying “Jahaaa”
  64. Hugs
  65. The way Swedes pronounce my name. Like it’s an actual Swedish word! (It is, by the way)
  66. The fact that you can put all of your coins in this machine to get rid of your change and the amount is extracted from the amount that you have to pay.
  67. Getting mail
  68. The fact that “Sorry, I booked the laundry room” is a valid excuse to get out of going anywhere
  69. Caring about the environment
  70. The fact that in a multiple choice question, the possible answers are 1, X or 2
  71. Chokladbollar
  72. Making jokes about the Skånska accent
  73. Sitting outside for a coffee or a drink when it’s 10°C outside. There’s always blankets.
  74. Experiencing new things
  75. The way my friend Svenja from Germany can understand when I use Dutch words to explain something
  76. The monopoly on alcohol by Systembolaget
  77. Thai food. In Sweden, I know.
  78. Going to my favourite hot yoga studio
  79. My favourite cereal from Coop.
  80. Candles, lots of them
  81. Fika
  82. The way my Chinese friend Stacey makes me see things that I hadn’t seen before
  83. Scandinavian design. And architecture
  84. The ads being in Swedish when going onto YouTube
  85. Markets (second hand, christmas or fruit&veg, I don’t care)
  86. Swedish music
  87. The fact that young people in Sweden come together to watch the elections, called valvaka
  88. A lot of breaks during class
  89. Swedish guys (can’t hurt to look, right?)
  90. How much there is still left for me to discover
  91. Taking ferries
  92. The fact that Sweden invented the zipper (and other cool things). Who knew?!
  93. Cider
  94. Learning about the different dialects in Sweden in my sociolinguistics course
  95.  The friendliness of the conductors on public transportation
  96.  The fact that all signs are so very clear.
  97. Joking about the Scandinavian neighbours (the Danish, the Norwegian,…)
  98.  Swedish literature
  99.  My friends
  100. My life here

2 thoughts on “#11 (aka 100 Things I Will Miss About Sweden)

  1. Silke, I love this post. You are making me miss Lund so much already and I’m not even gone yet. I think you’ve inspired me to do a post like this on my blog too. This would be a really nice list to look back on :(

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