In light of Thankgiving, some things I am thankful for.

The sun and how it decided to come out the past couple of days. I was very much in need of some vitamine D.

The fact that I get to see Veronica Maggio in concert tonight.

Warm clothes in these cold days, a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in.

My friends and family and the way they support me no matter where I am in the world. They’re always there to cheer me on and distance doesn’t seem to even matter anymore.

Books, to keep my mind occupied, to step into another world, to unwind, to learn, to be sucked in by beautiful words.

Postcards, letters, anything in writing. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a letter or postcard every single week that I’ve been here. Sometimes up to three a week. There’s nothing better than reading a handwritten note, knowing someone took the time and put in the effort just for you.

Life. Because it brought me where I am today. Because it is something we should treasure, love and fully take advantage of.

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