Dear Somebody #20


Dear Somebody,

This card finds its way to you all the way from Iceland. Okay, maybe not really, because I couldn’t find a post box and had to post it from Sweden, but it’s the thought that counts, right? This time the card goes to a group of people. A group of people that are not part of my everyday life but are valuable nonetheless. You have always been there cheering on me and my family in everything we do. And whenever we visit, it’s always a really fun experience. I think maybe you were the ones to instigate my love for Scandinavia(n design)? ;) So thanks for that! Who knows, I might not have spent so many free days at Ikea, which might not have sparked my interest in Sweden, which may not have caused me to go study Swedish and because of which I might not have spent a semester abroad in Sweden. So: “stort tack till er!”  In any case, it’s a pleasure to have you all in my life. See you soon.



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