Het Zwak Moment

This blog post concerns my favourite café in my home town, Tienen. The café, Het Zwak Moment, which loosely translates to a moment of weakness, fills a gap that I and my friends have always experienced when spending our youth going to school in Tienen. There were cafés, of course, but never for the tea drinking, board game playing kind of people, who just wanted to have a chat over a few drinks without having to shout at each other across the bar. But Het Zwak Moment is for everyone, though. Old and young. Alone or together. Beer drinking or tea sipping. Below are a few photos and illustrations of what it is that I love about the place so much.

The collection of board games
May the odds be ever in your favour
The place has a very homely feel to it, which is not very surprising seeing as it’s located in an old town house
It even has a piano, just saying. And they let you write and draw in the menu. (However, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT attempt to draw any of your friends. Friendships are on the line here)
And tea cups the size of soup bowls
Extra cozy around Christmas time

So, if you ever find yourself in the unlikely event of an emergency, where you get lost in a random town called Tienen, you know what place to go.




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