2015 – the round up


2015 has truly been a great year. One of new places, new friends, new experiences.  It’s been a happy year with many laughs, many moments to remember.

I spent the first weeks of the new year in Swedish, Finnish as well as Norwegian lapland, enjoying the serenity, the lightness that could be found even in the darkest hours in both the long stretches of untouched snow and the dazzling, dancing northern lights. Couldn’t have started off the year in a better way.

I spent a week in Stockholm, by myself, enjoying being a tourist and soaking up the last few weeks in Sweden: the language, the culture, the design, the city, the fashion, the food. All of it.


I got to travel to Iceland, where I spent a week taking in the breathtaking views. I swear, when you’re looking out across a huge frozen waterfall, you can barely feel the cold.


I said goodbye to Lund, which had become my second home. My university, my favourite fika places, my friends. Heartbreaking, but totally worth it.


I went to the yearly horse races in my grandma’s town of Hakendover with my friends on Easter Monday, which has become a tradition I love. Something I look forward to every year.


The weather turned around quickly because only a few weeks later we enjoyed a few self-made cocktails in the sun. And played a game of kubb.


I started my final semester of my Bachelor degree, managed to successfully write a bachelor paper and graduated magna cum laude. Proud moment.


I discovered the kindness of strangers, when I was given a lollypop by the man in the store ‘because you have to sit through exams, poor child’ (sounds creepier than it was, I swear) and was given a book by a random stranger because she thought it was better to pass on the book she’d finished to someone who enjoys reading (that’s me!)

I spent a great deal of my weekends in the company of my amazing family. They are there for everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, sometimes all at the same time.


I discovered the joy of cooking. And baking (banana bread, why art thou so delicious?)


I discovered that I like walking. Note I did not say hiking (me and hills don’t go well together).


I feel like over the summer, and this year, me and my 3 best friends became an even closer-knit group than we were before, if that’s even possible.

I got to explore a part of the world that I’d never been to before: Asia. Volunteering in Indonesia was an incredible adventure.


I was reunited with my bestie, all the way from Down Under, Hannah. We spent a few days in Ghent and London. It felt like we had seen each other just the other day, as if we didn’t live on opposite sides of the world. Skype sessions with her or my other international friends (Emily, Lindsey, that’s you) always manage to put me in a good mood.

I found the love of my life. But unfortunately had to set him free again.


I spent some quality time with my mum on the isle of Crete and got to cross off an item on my bucket list in the meanwhile; we went to Santorini.

I became a volunteer again for Bouworde as well as YFU. It feels good to be engaged with organisations that I feel passionate about and that I know provide great experiences.

I started my final year in Ghent pursuing a master’s in English and am now finishing up the first semester with a round of exams. So far, this has been the best year. I feel less stressed, more involved and am having loads of fun with my uni friends. I’m talking cheeks hurt laughing, stomach aches kind of fun. That great of friends to the point where you unintentionally wear matching outfits.


I met Alexander Skarsgård. I repeat: Alexander Skarsgård.

I laughed, I lived, I loved.

And I hope to do exactly the same in 2016. “More of the same, please.”

Forever at your service, also in the new year, wishing you all happy holidays!








One thought on “2015 – the round up

  1. This story summons up the spirit of true life.
    It shows us that real beauty isn’t yet perished from this earth.
    This story shows us the beauty of Lapland and Sweden, and that Iceland is the country where cold becomes beauty.
    But it also makes us realize that you don’t need to travel to the other end of the world to experience astonishing things, beauty can be find close to home if you know where to look. And that kindness is something that people will remember for the rest of their life.
    It shows us that love can be hidden in small things, and that family is one of the most important things in life.
    In brief, the story makes as smile and that’s all we need.

    Silke, I wish you a beautiful 2016, and may it be another year full of life and dazzling moments.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful moments with us.

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