Twenty sixteen


What I want to wish you, my readers, how very few or how many there might be of you.

I hope that in the following year you will get to chase dreams. I hope you get to accomplish things you have dreamt of your entire life. I hope your successes are everything you hoped they would be and that you get to celebrate them with people you love.

I hope you find places to discover, whether they are just around the corner or whether they are a million miles away. I hope you meet people who inspire you, I hope you talk to a stranger who has the ability to change the way you look at things, who makes you realise that the world is full of wonders.

May the food be great, may the drinks be plentiful and may the thoughts you put into your head be nourishing.

I hope you mess up. I hope you never stop learning. I hope you realise it’s okay; nobody’s perfect.

I hope you get to talk to your friends for hours on end. Whether that be on Skype, on the phone, through chat or in real life. I hope you enjoy the silences in between. May they never be awkward.

I hope you find time. To gaze at the stars, to see the sun set, to breathe, to spend with each other.

I hope there’s art, in all its shapes and forms: from a  beautiful painting, to an amazing film, to a great song, to your best friend’s dance moves at that party.

I hope there’s mutual understanding in different languages, religions and cultures. I hope there’s unity in difference.

I hope there’s laughter, because humour can cure a lot of things.

I hope there’s sunshine after rain. I hope there’s mending after a broken heart. I hope there’s light after dark. I hope there’s a sunrise after every sunset. I hope there’s a solution to every problem. I hope there’s more of everything that makes you happy.

I hope there’s you. And me. And all of us.

To a great year,




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