My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers

I am a big YouTube fan. I love that there is a platform where it’s so easy to discover new personalities, bloggers, singers and that they are given an opportunity to share with the world their talents. Has any of you ever experienced the relativity of time when on YouTube? Whenever I think I’m spending “only five minutes” on YouTube, somehow two hours will have passed. Strange. But if I go down the black hole of YouTube, you are coming along with me. So here are my five favourite YouTube channels.

1. Estée Lalonde

Probably my favourite YouTuber of all time. I started watching her as a beauty blogger about 3 years ago, but over time she has evolved into much more than that. She still makes videos mostly about beauty and lifestyle, but lately she has been tackling other ‘life’ subjects, too. She also has a vlog (video blog for the newbies) channel where she films videos that take you around her daily life, including her dog Reggie and her boyfriend Aslan. She is funny, positive, open-minded and in a way she reminds me a little bit of myself. I am excited to see her grown even more and to be part of this evolution. I think I’ve found my girl crush.


2. Clara Henry

Clara Henry is a Swedish YouTuber, but all her videos are subtitled in English. She is mostly known to talk about mens, the Swedish term for menstruation, and although that may sound kind of weird, she is just delightful. I would even dare to call her bloody brilliant (yes, I went there). I like her because she dares to speak her mind, it allows me to hear some spoken Swedish and because she is hilarious.


3. Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is the one person you should watch on YouTube when it comes to health, natural beauty products, food and yoga. She herself is also an IBS sufferer, but since completely turning her life around, she had been on the better side of things. She is a very serene, positive minded, naturally beautiful human being. She is definitely someone I look up to and a person I strive to be more like. (If I could choose to look like anyone, it’d be her) Watching her videos always make me feel so relaxed; her voice is very soothing. And of course, she has lots of great advice and tips and tricks.


4. The Graham Norton Show

Okay, this is technically not a YouTuber, but it does have its own official YouTube channel. Out of all the talk shows that I watch – and I watch a lot – Graham Norton’s has to be my favourite. It’s just sooo funny. I like that the episodes are always consistent of a variety of people: musicians, actors, comedians. There are really famous people and upcoming artists. And it’s never just a segregated talk with each one individually; they interact with one another, they joke around. I love it because it never disappoints.


5. Will Darbyshire

I’ve only been watching Will’s video’s for a short period of time, but I find them very interesting. They’re always very artsy. Sometimes there’ll be lots of talking, sometimes there’s just (really excellent choice of) music and images, so you’re always in for a surprise, which I like. I don’t really know how to categorise his video’s because they can literally deal with anything, but I feel like the majority deals with more difficult themes without becoming too heavy, based on his own experiences and life. His girlfriend, Arden Rose, often features in them, which is always a plus because she is kind of bossy and yet hilarious and sweet. And let’s be honest, he’s just really nice to look at, am I right?



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