May ’16

May wasn’t the best month for me, with a thesis deadline, imminent exams and falling ill, but this is exactly why I like to compose these posts because they make myself see how many good things there were this month, despite “the bad” (not even that bad, really, but complaining about it helps). So here are some things I’ve loved this month.

A sunny day at Het Vinne, a domain in Zoutleeuw.
Seeing Kaatje after she spent a few months of interning in Stockholm.Come back already!
Soaking up the sun, having a picknick and acing a game of Scrabble in the park. I love Sundays
One last dinner at our student restaurant, de Brug, made fancy with some tiramisu and plastic spoons. When we dine out, we dine in style. 
Finding my favourite snapchat filter
Lunch breaks that consists of some sunshine, some reading and a whole lot of strawberries
Celebrating Anke’s birthday in the park.
Going for ice cream in our city with my mum and my brother
Pondering the meaning of artwork at S.M.A.K. in Ghent
Oh, and did I mention I love berries? In any shape, form or colour?
Finding a HUGE picture of myself at 7 years old
Attending a Les Truttes concert with friends. (Picture by Les Truttes)
More ice cream and sunshine
Finally finishing my MA thesis and handing it in. The lady at student registrations said: Well, I’m going to take it from you now, okay?, while she carefully took my thesis in hand. She understands it’s like giving up a baby.
This person, every day.
Discovering this new yoghurt place at the train station that has soy yoghurt too! Won’t be my last visit, that’s for sure.
A post-exam treat: Belgian Tricolor Donuts

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