Unusual Paris

A couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend in Paris as an early Valentine’s celebration. Because both of us had already been to Paris before, we decided to spend the weekend visiting some of the rather unusual sights. And to be honest, they were beter than the crowded lines at Louvre. Here are some of the visits we enjoyed.


Deyrolle is a big manor house that houses a taxidermist. Although it may sound a bit weird or creepy to some, it’s a delightful sight to see. The house really is FULL of stuffed animals. You can also see the taxidermist’s work place, which is interesting. And, if you really want to, you can buy that stuffed bison you’ve always dreamed of putting in your living room.


Marché aux puces St. Ouen

This second hand market is located a little bit outside of the city centre in the North of Paris. Once you get through the dodgy looking part that sells fake everythings and (pretty sure stolen) phones, you will get to the antiquarian part. If you’re looking for LPs or cool prints and unique furniture, this is the place to be. Thoroughly enjoyed browsing this maze of oldies but goldies.


Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company is one of the oldest book shops in Paris. En plus, it’s an English book shop, which are hard to find in France in general. This shop is literally filled with books, every nook and cranny. There’s also really cozy spots to read upstairs and a piano that people can play if they feel like it. Besides, there is also an antique book shop and a café right next door. What else does a book lover need? Am I right?


The rooftop view at Galleries de Lafayette

Although Galleries de Lafayette is a pretty well-known shopping centre, most people don’t know about their amazing rooftop view. You can spot tiny people and a pretty cool view of the Eiffel Tower. Well worth a visit around sunset.


Feel free to let me know what your hidden gems are in Paris (or anywhere, really).



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