Blog break

Hi everyone reading,

First of all, thanks for reading! I don’t know if there are many of you out there, but I thought it’d be nice to keep you in the loop. So here goes. Recently I haven’t really enjoyed blogging. I feel uninspired and disappointed with what I’m posting. I’ve skipped the monthly overviews a couple of times. I’ve been putting off writing up the ideas I do have and sometimes it even feels like a chore to sit down and start. That is not how my blog started when I think back on it, and that is not what I want my blog to become either.

On the plus side, I’ve found so many other things I’m interested in offline (baking, reading, cooking, our garden, doing absolutely NOTHING AT ALL, friend, family, exploring more of Brussels,…) that I’m happy to just wander down that path for a bit too.

© Ward Brackett

So…, I’ve decided to take a bit of a break and not make any promises as to when or what I will be posting. I want my blog to remain a space that I can pour my creativity into and not one that drains my energy. So no more weekly music video’s, monthly overviews, etc. I’ll be posting whatever I want whenever I feel like it. And that may be quite irregular. There may be weeks without a blogpost and then there may be a week with a few. Whenever inspirations strikes!

I still have some blogpost scheduled that you’ll see appear, but from then on it’s all question marks. I hope you can all understand.

Definitely “see you later” though,


PS: You can still keep up with me on Instagram  and I’m forever available through e-mail, text or old skool letter :-)

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