Monday blues

It was with uncertainty that I bought this shirt dress, but it is definitely convinced that I write this blogpost! One thing I was sure about however, was the colour, which I still looooove. I also love the fit, it’s casual and loose but  I love that I can roll up my sleeves and that the waist ribbon makes it quite fitted. I thoroughly enjoyed pairing this shirt with some white accessories; these Nief Collectief earrings and casual (really grubby) Converse were a perfect match. Those Monday blues have never felt so great! :-)

Dress – Arket
Shoes – Converse
Earrings – Nief Collectief 







Ik neem de tram naar de stad. Dezelfde als altijd. Het is frisjes, dus ik zoek me een plekje in de zon terwijl ik wacht. Grappig, om zo iedereen op eenzelfde helft van het perron te zien staan. Een visuele reminder dat de zomer mensen dichter bij elkaar brengt, dat mensen steeds op zoek zijn naar warmte. Zonnige vierkante meters delen we graag.

Dit zijn mijn favoriete dagen. Die waarop het te koud is voor een t-shirtje en te warm voor een jas. Die waarop het weer niet goed weet of het nu nog zomer wil blijven of de herfst wil beginnen. Die waarop mensen beginnen denken dat ze dit jaar toch echt wel een nieuwe winterjas kunnen gebruiken. Die waarop mensen terugkomen van vakantiehuisjes, weer lijstjes beginnen maken voor het nieuwe schooljaar. Wanneer de winkels kaftpapier stockeren en pennenzakken en stickers en mappen. Beloftevolle dagen, waarop alles nog kan. Batterijen opgeladen, klaar voor een nieuwe start. En niet zoals nieuwjaar, waarbij beloftes vaak gemaakt worden met mislukking in het achterhoofd. Nee, echte, nieuwe, kakelverse dagen.

Met mijn tante lunch ik in de stad. Op ‘t gemak. We drinken koffie met koekjes. Winkeltje in, winkeltje uit. Het uur heb ik al lang niet meer in het oog. Ik koop een bos bloemen op weg naar huis. Plak wat herinneringen in een album. Ik lijm per ongeluk wat pagina’s aan elkaar, alsof de foto’s heimwee hebben naar elkaars aanwezigheid. Ik zie het zonlicht verschuiven in de kamer.

En weet je wat zo leuk is aan verhalen als deze, waarin niets gebeurt? Dat ze toch gebeuren.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 21.27.26.png

Green in the city

What’s better than a nice flowey dress on a summer day in the city? Right, it is the best! This dress is an old time favourite from Indiska, but with some new accessories like earrings, a nice bag and sunglasses, I tried to spruce it up a little. These nude heels are also my new favourite shoes. They are so comfy, they go with everything and I love the wooden heel.

Dress – Indiska
Earrings – Nief Collectief
Shoes – Bullboxer
Bag – Fiorelli
Sunglasses – Komono


Slow living in the Ardennes

This summer, after our big trip to NYC, which you can read about here , we decided to switch things up and go on a holiday in our own country for a change to unwind and relax to the fullest. So, I booked a tiny house in the Ardennes, the most foresty area in Belgium, without a wifi connection. It was delightful! We slowed down, we read (lots), we  cooked, we hung around, we went for walks, we watched dvd’s, we did all the things that disappear too easily from daily life because a to do-list gets in the way.

The place we spent these 5 days at, was perfect for it. I booked with two very friendly people called Chantal and Salva, who have converted this trailer into a proper tiny house for two. They paid attention to every small detail and almost everything is made out of wood. Cozy for sure, comfortable , yes, that too! The trailer is located in a small village called Trou de Bra, which is part of Lierneux. Not too far away you can find Spa, Trois Ponts and Coo. Although close to the renters, we were surrounded by nature. The garden that they created is perfectly suitable to enjoy these surroundings too: there’s a hammock, a barbecue, picknick table, etc. There was also a cute wood stove in the house which we didn’t use (30°C was plenty, thanks) but who knows, we might go back in winter to do it all again. In case you’re interested, the place is called Coeur de Roulotte and you can find more info about booking here.

Despite the small digital detox (I did log in once or twice when visiting the cities), I did take lots of photos because it’s what I love doing. An impression of our stay is what follows. Hope you enjoy! :-)



























If there’s one thing Gillian and I like to do, it’s try new places to eat. Especially meals that I wouldn’t normally cook at home or that are really hard to recreate. Umamido is one like that, as it’s a Japanese noodle (ramen) restaurant. I’d driven past here a couple of times on my way to work and last week we finally got to try it. My favourite bits were the edamame and the gyoza! There’s plenty of locations too, if you’re interested in your own bowl of asian goodness. You can find their menu here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 15.40.31.png

Remembering Summer

Being too warm the old lady said to me

is better than being too cold I think now

in between is the best because you never

give it a thought but it goes by too fast

I remember the winter how cold it got

I could never get warm wherever I was

but I don’t remember the summer heat like that

Only the long days the breathing of the trees

The evenings with the hens still talking in the lane

And the light getting longer in the valley

The sound of a bell from down there somehwere

I can sit here now still listening to it


– W.S. Merwin