Must Watch – Brooklyn

Brooklyn, a movie from 2015 based on the book by Colm Toíbín, tells the story of a young woman moving to America from Ireland in the late 1950s and it describes the struggle between finding a happy place in the new country and homesickness for the older country, between new friends and family and the one on the others side of the ocean, between independence and the safety of home and between new found happiness and tradition. As always, Saoirse Ronan is a stunner, both literally and in her acting. Besides the obvious Irish accents, I really enjoyed this movie because of the time frame it is set in – the costumes are admirably vintage, which I love. Another movie that made me shed a little tear.

You can watch the trailer here.


December 15

Another round up of this month’s favourite moments. I don’t know how it happened, but there were so many this month. Too many to share, so here’s a selection. Enjoy!

IMG_2628Early Christmas parties with some of my uni friends

Night at the Museum/Museumnacht in Ghent. In some of the Downton Abbey scenery followed by some high tea in the beautiful Sint Pietersabdij

Booking a trip to Canada (and a tiny tiny bit of the US) next summer!
6 weeks, 2 countries, lots of places. Can’t wait!

Building a gingerbread house with these nutters.

Putting up the Christmas tree. And potentially, maybe, possibly eating some of its decorations (talking about the candy canes, guys, calm  down)

Celebrating the Swedish holiday, Lucia at the Scandinavian department of my university.  (more about this celebration here)

Gabrielle Aplin’s new album. No explanation needed here.

Exploring a bit of Brussels in its Christmassy atmosphere.

And then onto Leuven.

Popping over to Barcelona (aka our student restaurant ‘De Brug’ in Ghent) to see Kaatje, my fave.

Another weekend, another quiz. Am I starting to take after my dad? Is this really happening?

Trying something new: experimenting with make-up.

Mexican dinner date with Mum. She’s really keen on the nachos as you can probably tell by the look on her face.

Getting this kind of mail! All the way from Canada. Love it.

Exams. THE WORST TIME. But also the best when your mum brings home some fruity goodness. Having a berry good time. Right, I said it. I don’t apologise for puns.

IMG_3175.JPGTaking a walk as a break from studying.

Watching the Downton Abbey finale. Last episode ever. EVER. This called for a glass of wine.

And finally, the privileges of getting up early to study.
Not bad, not bad at all.

See you in the new year!