Adulthood is loading and unloading dishwashers. It’s not forgetting to pack lunch and feeling like you’re doing things right. It’s knowing to find joy in food but knowing about limits and finding joy elsewhere too. It’s what happens while you’re busy making plans. It’s thinking about what you’ll have for dinner when you’re in a meeting about strategy planning. It’s planning to meet each other… in a few months…”but only for an hour or so because I have to be elsewhere at 2″ and thinking you’ll never meet again in the next five years but then accidentally running into each other in the street that same week. It’s being unapologetically you, even on first meetings. It’s pretending not to watch Disney films on Saturday evenings and talking about wild nights instead. It’s saying “I washed my hair” to someone commenting you look nice and feeling okay about that. It’s contemplating life choices whilst picking out yoghurt in the store (seriously, do we need more options?). It’s being jealous and constantly itching to move forward, but also not wanting to ‘grow up’ and jomo. It’s realising it’s been almost 10 years since graduating high school and then also realising you’re still bad at math (because really it’s only been 8 years and a half). Adulthood is finally finding time for your blog because you’re tired of bingewatching stuff on Netflix.

Adulthood is many things, but never ever is it boring.

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