#60 on the Bucket List Aka See the Aurora Borealis

As I see another generation of Erasmus exchange students in Sweden go off on their nordic adventure, I have been frequented with thoughts and recollections of my time ‘up there’. This number on the list was just one of those things I simply needed to have ticked off  before I die. No question about it. Little did I know that seeing this amazing phenomenon once would never be enough. I am craving more and am already planning another trip up North (in my head, that is, unfortunately).

It was on my Lapland trip, those very first days of 2015, that I saw my first (but, as I said, certainly not last) northern lights appear. Here’s what I wrote back in 2015 about those first impressions:

We found ourselves wrapped up in a snow suit in one of the chair lifts. Excitement. After only a couple of minutes on the lift, we reached the top of the clouds and it was after only half a minute that we saw the Northern lights. There were shrieks, laughter and sighs of amazement. We all felt so blessed and the cold couldn’t really touch us anymore. (Read the rest of the story or more about my Lapland trip here)

And so we stood there, gazing at the sky in awe until our neck hurt and our fingers and toes were numb. I can still recall that same feeling whenever I see a picture of the Aurora. One of pure happiness. So, to anyone still doubting whether or not to book a trip to Lapland or Iceland, or any other place up North, do it. A lifetime of fond memories await you.

And oh, here are a few photos, taken by a photographer couple who were there, on that same night. And I managed to find their Facebook page WITH the photos that they took while we were there. So really, this is exactly what I saw. I just didn’t take the photos myself. Enjoy (and check out their page or website too)! These photos were taken in Abisko, Sweden at the Aurora Sky Station.