Why I Blog

People often don’t know I  have this blog. It’s only when I tell them or when they see my posts through social media that they know. It seems weird to me, seeing as to me it’s a relatively big part of my daily life. I’m always surprised the word “hobby blogger” isn’t written on my forehead somehow. But anyways, I love to blog and here’s why.

Firstly, writing is my number one creative outlet. I love to juggle with words and to carefully consider what to put where. I love that you can rearrange and change your mind. My blog is a space that allows me te be or do whatever I want to. It could be poetry one day, it can be a lifestyle or fashion related items the next. My mood constantly changes and I thoroughly enjoy that my blog can change with me.

Secondly, it’s a fantastic way to look back on things. Sometimes when I’m not really feeling it, I scroll through my own Instagram and blog and think: wow, I’ve done so much in the past few months or years. I’m always stunned at how many good moments there have been. It’s a great way to keep those memories safely stowed and always at hand to cheer me up.

Finally, this blog gives me a platform to straighten my thoughts, to make lists, to get out there what I feel needs to be heard or simply be said, whether it’s being read or not. It’s how I structure the dreamy, emotional and creative part of my brain. What’s even better is that this part gets to interact with people; there’s nothing more fun than seeing someone like or reblog a post and reply to comments. It’s the best feeling to see that a blog post doesn’t just end with the reader, it’s only the starting point of a discussion.

So, that’s why I blog. No matter the time or effort, I’m determined to keep this blog going and I’m excited to see how it evolves as I grow.

© Lotta from Stockholm


Alice is a Rococco-like old manor house located only a short walk from the main shopping street, the Veldstraat. With its chandeliers, etsy chairs and baroque paintings, you’d think you are visiting Louis XIV. Nothing is less true of course, because the relaxed atmosphere in combination with the oh so fancy decor is what makes this place so special. No need to tiptoe around, just a very cool place to have a coffee or dinner with friends. Did I mention I also had the best cake (of my life!) there? It was a mascarpone and brownie piece of pie and I still dream about it sometimes. I’ve also read that Alice does afternoon tea and that is something I feel needs to be tried before I eventually move away from Ghent, too. I’ll definitely report back on that later…

(And, if you’re a bit of a weirdo, like me, you’ll very much enjoy the rounded door in the bathroom. Just one of those things that excite me for no apparent reason).


Where? Alice can be found at Onderbergen 9, right across from the beautiful “het Pand”, which is part of the university and is also worth a quick browse. Because it’s so close to the main shopping street, it’s perfect for that little pick me up that you so desperately need sometimes while on a shopping spree.

When? Tuesday – Friday 8.30-17.30, Saturday 09.00-18.00, Sunday 9.30 – 14.00



November ’16

I took a deep breath in, and then out. And the month was gone.

Ghent looking spiffing at night
Two advent calendars to get me through December: one chocolate, one tea, perfect combo
Someone very excited for the Holidays. Doesn’t that face just radiate enthusiasm?
Early mornings make for great sunrises
Golden hour in Saint Gilles in Brussels
A train that clearly has lost all consciousness of time
A picture perfect fika
This cute store in Ghent. 
When my make-up worked out just as I wanted it to
Strolling through Brussels at night
Job interviews that take you places, like this rooftop view over Leuven
The morning sunlight trying to tell me something
Resisting the urge to buy more plants
Finishing a first drawing. 
Going to see a dance performance in this fancy place, the Minardschouwburg
Even fancier dining at this castle for my parents’ 25 year anniversary
This soft light. Really I just enjoy my apartment view!
Fika in real roccoco style at Alice with Seya
Bars that dual up as book stores
Walking around town
Freezing temperatures and letting your face warm by the sun on a crisp and clear day
This cute little street that radiates warmth (and being reposted by the @visitgent instagram page because they liked this photo too! Life goal! ;) )
Pretty train rides home after school

September ’16

Hey folks!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these monthly favourites. After the end of the exams I spent 6 weeks in Canada and most of the time after that I spent working until the start of September. With winter on its way and shorter days, I thought it appropriate to start this series up again and focus a bit on the (high)lights in these dark(er) days to come.

The view from my new apartment in Ghent
Eating delicious pralines at the Chocolate Village in Brussels
Ghent meets Up
Freshly washed bed sheets (even better because I did the laundry myself. Accomplished and responsible adult right here!)
Showing my best friends a bit of Ghent and enjoying what little quality time we have with our busy lives.
Graduation day. Even though I actually graduated in July, it was nice to be reminded of what an accomplishment this actually is. A very happy day.
My new roomies! From top to bottom meet Jolien, Nathalie, Sophie and Gillian (named after some of my favourite people). If you find the fourth fish you deserve a round of applause.
A day in Bruges as a way to end what was an amazing summer
This sunrise
Sunday brunch with Sophie in Ghent
Filling my apartment with living things. For now that means lots of plants. 
Seeing Birdy live at the Royal Circus in Brussels.
Catching up with Lena, whom I hadn’t seen in a year. Time and distance are irrelevant when you are close friends.
Reading the Metro newspaper on my commute to school on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play in London (Thanks, Lena!)
The first signs of autumn and the privileges of missing someone
An unexpected visit to Leuven. And (poetry) book shops.
This Art Deco interior
Spotting the best make-up first at my job at Kruidvat and paying next to nothing for it
Sunday strolls in Ghent
Shopping with my mum in Hasselt.
Soaking up those lasts bits of sunshine with Emma at the Blaarmeersen
Second hand book markets and shops. And also celebrating six months together with this guy. 

Let’s see what October has in store, shall we?









#109 on the Bucket List AKA Start a Blog

I’m guessing it’s not on everyone’s bucket list: start a blog. I started my first ever blog  when I was in Hungary for 6 weeks. It was written in Dutch and it was a way to keep in touch with my family for what, at the time (I was 16 then) seemed a very long time in a very far away country. My second blog was the one I had during my exchange year in Australia. It was also written in Dutch because again, it served mostly in updating my family and friends on what was going on in my life ‘Down Under’. Now, I look back on it as a sort of diary of all the things I did. However, by the end of the year I had been immersed so much into the English language that my Dutch blog posts were a minefield of English expressions and words. Most of the time, I felt like there was just no Dutch equivalent that had the right connotation, and writing in English somehow just started to ‘feel right’.

When I finally started this blog as a way to write about my Erasmus in Sweden, its purpose was the same. However, with the permission of my Grandma, who doesn’t know any English, I decided to switch to English entirely. My aunt said she’d translate and apparently, they had come to this sort of Sunday ritual, where my aunt would read my blog to my Grandma. You could say they’re my biggest fans, I guess :-)

I really enjoyed blogging about what was going on in that strange country called Sweden and I exhilarated in coming up with new categories to post on other topic as well. My category Dear Somebody is the one that I am most proud of, because it was not about me, but about showing someone I cared about how much they meant to me. So when I came back to Belgium, I had no idea whether I was still allowed to have a blog because I felt I didn’t have anything interesting to contribute to this world wide web. However, when I came back from my trip to Indonesia, I felt the need to share again. Just like itchy feet syndrome, I believe there is the itch to writing; I simply have to pick up a pen or a laptop and write. Slowly but surely then, this blog has grown into a platform where I can totally be ‘just me’. Whatever strikes my interest, whatever poem I have written, whatever quote moves me, whatever music I enjoy, I can share it. I’m not sure if everyone appreciates me spamming their Facebook feed full of my blog posts, but I guess it’s not worse than people posting daily pictures of their dogs or kids: I, like them, share what I am passionate about.

After almost two years of owning this blog, I think I can safely say that this has become my favourite hobby. I intend to keep up my writing, without making any promises on when, how often, why; I like to be a free writing bird. I hope my blog will be a mirror to my own evolutions and changes, my own path. I hope it will go the places I will go. And I hope you’ll join me along the way.



It is my dream to one day own a typewriter like this.


Sophie – an appreciation post


As you may or may not have noticed, my blog now has its own, brand new banner! I am absolutely stoked!

The lady who made this all happen is one of my best friends, Sophie. Needless to say she is a talented and creatively driven human being. One that I appreciate and love very much! Thank you for all the time, effort and patience.

Sophie, you’re the best.

PS: Sophie is currently looking for a job. Anyone interested may contact me or her. Why wouldn’t you give her a job? Am I right?!