My 6 favourite apps

    1. Pinterest

      I like to get inspired by looking atillustrations, fashion outfits, DIY tricks, last make-up trends and dreamy interiors on Pinterest. There’s nothing I like more than creating a board that hold everything I want my future house to look like or making up lists of things that I feel are missing from my closet or make-up collection. I feel like it’s the app that allow you to dream.


    2. Goodreads
      As a book lover and list maker this app is a dream come true. It allows you to divide your book world in 3 different categories: Want to read ( a very long list), Have read, and Currently reading. I love this, because when I’ve finished a book, I can just check my ‘Want to read’ list and choose one that fits my mood. It’s also great to get inspired by friends and family because you can follow them and see what they’re reading and loving.


    3. LaLaLab

      I  discovered this app a few years ago and have been using it every since. The app allows you to print photo’s and polaroids, make albums and wall decorations, but what I use the app most for is to send postcards! Whenever I’m travelling, I know my friends and family love a good old-fashioned post card, but I absolutely hate the hassle of buying the card, find stamps somewhere, finding a mail box, etcetera, etcetera. By the time you’ve done all that, you no longer feel like writing a long, elaborate description on the card and all it will say is “Sunny greetings”. No, this method is absolutely hassle-free: you pick a photo on your phone (so it’s personalised!), you add the text, add the address and your credit details and for only 2 euros, the card is sent. And the good news is, it only takes a little less than a week to get to its destination.


    4. Calm

      Whenever I’m on the train or tram and  I’m too tired to read or I want to decompress from work, I get out the Calm app. It’s a meditation app that allows medidation from 3 minutes up to half an hour. So really, it doesn’t take up much time and it can make a world of difference in your mindset. You can choose different sounds and background that you find relaxing.


    5. KBC mobile

      When it comes to financial organisation, I like doing things quick and efficiently. It’s how I pay all our bills. This app (or any other bank’s app, probably) helps do just that! It’s also really handy when you’re in store somewhere and you realise you don’t have enough money on your account and you can transfer money while you’re waiting in line. Aaah, the ease.


    6. Yelp

      I find it really hard in a new city or country to know where the good places are to have a bite to eat or have a good piece of pie (you know me), but this app usually manages to find exactly what I’m looking for. The photo’s and ratings by other people are really handy to know what kind of place you’ve got on your hands. I know most people sometimes use a travel guide or tips and tricks from TripAdvisor or friends and family, but this app is really handy when you’re hungry RIGHT NOW, and you don’t want to be taking a bus across town, because it works with gps. Can you tell I get hangry sometimes? :) Foursquare is a good alternative too.


October ’17

Before I’m off on a month of travelling, I want to tell you all about the best bits of October…

Spending a weekend surrounded by nature during the hottest indian summer weekend with my best friends in the Ardennes
Coming back to work on a Monday with this sunny view
Seeing some music playing at the Wagehuys in Leuven
Matching my new wind jacket with a Pink Lady
Pretty houses, trees and sunshine are pretty much the perfect combination to put me in a good mood
Using my boyfriend’s beard as a monkey – I thought this was hilarious and it is now my phone’s background
Seeing some folk music and having a drink before the show in this lovely interior
Watching the Virgin Suicides
Celebrating the 200th birthday of my favourite university 
Seeing Bazar in concert in Antwerp
Soaking up some sun on the train
Playing board games in our PJs while drinking hot chocolate (and totally acing the Chubby Bunny challenge)
Having a drink on the Vosseplein in the Marolles – a random day off during the week
This cozy cabin for our girls weekend
Even a blurry and crooked picture of Ghent looks nice – just sayin’
Early mornings aren’t as bad when they’re like this



It’s official, I’ve found my favourite café in Ghent. Huset, which is Swedish for “the house”, is anything but just that, it’s more of a home. You enter a house that you had no idea was a place to eat and immediately, it’s like your in someone’s living room. You are welcomed by the friendly host that serves you at your table right next to the big piano decorated with flowers. The food has the same hominess to it: baked goodies, scones (delicious!), hot soup,… all things that warm the heart! I love the imperfectness of the place more than anything: from the jungle of plants to the mismatched cutlery and plates. For any fika lovers our there, this place is a MUST. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…




Where? Hoogstraat 49, 9000 Gent

When? Every Monday – Friday from 11am till 6pm plus on evenings when they have an event going on (imagine the #hygge then!)

Happy fika!

My 5 favourite lipsticks

If there’s one thing I like about make-up, it’s lipsticks. I always find an excuse to buy another, because I believe there’s so much variety in the consistency, how long they last, shades, etcetera. The options are endless. I truly believe that a lipstick can complete or change an entire look. Here’s a bit of a breakdown of my favourites.

  1. Volupté Tint-in-oil by Yves Saint Laurent

This one is perfect for days when you don’t really feel like wearing something visible. It’s very sheer but quite moisturising because of the oily formula. I choose this one when I like a little something-something and just reapply it throughout the day. Also, the packaging! Isn’t it gorgeous?


2. Everlasting liquid lipstick by Kat Von D

This one’s great for when you want some colour but don’t want to be thinking about smudging or lipstick on other places of your face other than your lips. It’s the longest lasting lipstick I have ever tried and the shade range that’s available right now is a-mazing.










3. Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in the shade 105

This lipstick is my favourite go-to lipstick on days when I don’t feel like putting on a lot of make-up but my face needs a little colour. It’s the my lip shade but better kind of lipstick, which I love because it’s so effortless.


4. MAC matte lipstick in the shade “Lady Danger”

If I had to choose one red lipstick, it’d be this one. This one requires a little more attention ( aka the use of a lipliner, retouching and careful application), but because of its orange-y undertone, it suits me perfectly with my blonde hair.













5. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Lip Gloss 

Last but certainly not least, is this cute lip gloss from Clarins. I especially like this shade because it’s quite peachy and therefore my favourite summer lip gloss. It doesn’t taste bad and leaves a beautiful goldeny gloss.


June ’17

It’s officially summer and I’m excited for it! :-) Here’s what bits were my favourite last month.

Eating fancy eclairs in Ukkel
Going to the zoo
Hosting my parents for brunch and using the edible flowers from our garden
The blue sky on our walk along the beach
Home made iced tea
Riding a tandem bike for the first time 
Having the privilege of seeing the view over Leuven from the tiny balcony at our office
Seeing the sun set with the one I love
Eating birthday cake
A first run
Meeting Kaatje at the Kaaitheater cafe
Having biscuit cake with Sophie after work
Seeing the man on the right taking a snooze because why not?
Coming into the office on Monday and seeing this
Discovering the hidden gems in the beguinage in Diest
Enjoying the gallery when it’s not too crowded
Catching this photo (with my phone!) and absolutely loving how color-coordinated these two are. This is my favourite photo of the month



My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers

I am a big YouTube fan. I love that there is a platform where it’s so easy to discover new personalities, bloggers, singers and that they are given an opportunity to share with the world their talents. Has any of you ever experienced the relativity of time when on YouTube? Whenever I think I’m spending “only five minutes” on YouTube, somehow two hours will have passed. Strange. But if I go down the black hole of YouTube, you are coming along with me. So here are my five favourite YouTube channels.

1. Estée Lalonde

Probably my favourite YouTuber of all time. I started watching her as a beauty blogger about 3 years ago, but over time she has evolved into much more than that. She still makes videos mostly about beauty and lifestyle, but lately she has been tackling other ‘life’ subjects, too. She also has a vlog (video blog for the newbies) channel where she films videos that take you around her daily life, including her dog Reggie and her boyfriend Aslan. She is funny, positive, open-minded and in a way she reminds me a little bit of myself. I am excited to see her grown even more and to be part of this evolution. I think I’ve found my girl crush.


2. Clara Henry

Clara Henry is a Swedish YouTuber, but all her videos are subtitled in English. She is mostly known to talk about mens, the Swedish term for menstruation, and although that may sound kind of weird, she is just delightful. I would even dare to call her bloody brilliant (yes, I went there). I like her because she dares to speak her mind, it allows me to hear some spoken Swedish and because she is hilarious.


3. Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is the one person you should watch on YouTube when it comes to health, natural beauty products, food and yoga. She herself is also an IBS sufferer, but since completely turning her life around, she had been on the better side of things. She is a very serene, positive minded, naturally beautiful human being. She is definitely someone I look up to and a person I strive to be more like. (If I could choose to look like anyone, it’d be her) Watching her videos always make me feel so relaxed; her voice is very soothing. And of course, she has lots of great advice and tips and tricks.


4. The Graham Norton Show

Okay, this is technically not a YouTuber, but it does have its own official YouTube channel. Out of all the talk shows that I watch – and I watch a lot – Graham Norton’s has to be my favourite. It’s just sooo funny. I like that the episodes are always consistent of a variety of people: musicians, actors, comedians. There are really famous people and upcoming artists. And it’s never just a segregated talk with each one individually; they interact with one another, they joke around. I love it because it never disappoints.


5. Will Darbyshire

I’ve only been watching Will’s video’s for a short period of time, but I find them very interesting. They’re always very artsy. Sometimes there’ll be lots of talking, sometimes there’s just (really excellent choice of) music and images, so you’re always in for a surprise, which I like. I don’t really know how to categorise his video’s because they can literally deal with anything, but I feel like the majority deals with more difficult themes without becoming too heavy, based on his own experiences and life. His girlfriend, Arden Rose, often features in them, which is always a plus because she is kind of bossy and yet hilarious and sweet. And let’s be honest, he’s just really nice to look at, am I right?