Must Watch – Brooklyn

Brooklyn, a movie from 2015 based on the book by Colm Toíbín, tells the story of a young woman moving to America from Ireland in the late 1950s and it describes the struggle between finding a happy place in the new country and homesickness for the older country, between new friends and family and the one on the others side of the ocean, between independence and the safety of home and between new found happiness and tradition. As always, Saoirse Ronan is a stunner, both literally and in her acting. Besides the obvious Irish accents, I really enjoyed this movie because of the time frame it is set in – the costumes are admirably vintage, which I love. Another movie that made me shed a little tear.

You can watch the trailer here.


A Must Watch – Big Little Lies

If there’s one series you should be binge-watching right about now, it’s Big Little Lies. Not only does the series feature some of my favourite actresses, it’s also an incredibly well put together set of episodes. The mini series only consists of 7 episodes, but in this short amount of tv space and time, it manages to intrigue and develop a set of characters that is nuanced enough to feel like the women are real people. You quickly get to empathising with the characters. On top of that, it deals with some serious topics and themes in a well-balanced manner: it’s just funny enough in its exaggerations that it becomes funny, but not too much so that it doesn’t touch the gravity of the subject. In short, it’s splendid. And the incredible music is just a bonus.