10 Things To Do in Vancouver

1. Lynn Canyon 

Basically the Capilano Suspension Bridge’s little sister. A tad smaller, but without the big groups of tourists. Plus the area feels less like a tourist attraction, but more like a national park.


2. Bike around Stanley Park

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s best known and biggest park. It’s kind of located on a peninsula, which makes that it is surrounded by water. Although it’s doable, the park is best explored by bike. The tour around the island is only 8km, it’s very easy and a bike can get you from one sight to the other all under the time limit of one day. Make sure to get off your bike and explore the park: it is GORGEOUS.




3. Vancouver Aquarium

Located in Stanley Park, it’s an easy stopover on the way and it makes for a nice break from cycling. It’s a very nice and informative place to learn more about aquatic life, however, it is crowded.


4. Walk along the city’s Waterfront

All the way from Yaletown to False Creek, there is a boardwalk that gives you a view of the city from the waterfront. It’s peaceful, has lots of things to see on the way and especially good to pay a visit around sunset.


5. Capilano Suspension Bridge 

Although I did mention Lynn Valley (and Canyon) as well, I still really enjoyed Capilano. I wouldn’t just trade one for the other. They’re both pretty cool. Capilano is easily accessible from the city with the free shuttle bus service provided by the park.




6. Eat poutine

We had our poutine at Fritz, and I have to say it was the best one on my whole Canada trip (I had two more in the 3 weeks that followed, sorry not sorry). It’s probably the greasiest, unhealthiest and most disgusting national dish I’ve ever seen and I can pretty much feel my arteries clog up by simply looking at the picture below, but this just goes to show that you should not judge a book by its cover. It’s pretty good.


7. Take the cable cart (or hike up) to Grouse Mountain

Unfortunately we had booked our tickets for a very, very foggy day. I was, we couldn’t see the view of Vancouver and the sky lift that we had booked was pretty much useless because we couldn’t see anything. Bad luck, but I’m guessing the mountain is a pretty spectacular place on a sunny day (so maybe, pro tip: wait to book your tickets!). Nonetheless, we still had a great day with the Lumberjack show, trying to spot the bears (but seeing a wild deer instead) and watching all the hikers reach the top of the mountain hot and sweaty after doing what is called The Grind (a hiking trail of 2.9 km consisting almost solely out of stairs having thus an elevation gain of 853 metres).


8. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life

Despite being one of Canada’s biggest cities, Vancouver is one of the most enjoyable cities I’ve been to. It’s green,it breaths open-mindedness and is colourful in every way possible. (Window-)shop, enjoy the varieties of food,…


9. Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery

It’s not very big, but if you’re lucky there will be some nice exhibitions on. What I would definitely recommend is visiting the museum’s café, though. It’s like a secret garden, away from everything right in the centre of the city AND their food is pretty great.


10. Walk around on Granville Island

Granville Island has everything you need if you are looking for a relaxing afternoon or a good lunch spot. It’s got the waterfront, cute shops, a nice atmosphere and a great food market. If you weren’t hungry before going in, you definitely will be by the time you come out.


What are you waiting for?

10 Things To See & Do in Copenhagen

Although I’m sure that some of these are tourist traps, and I have long from seen everything there is to see in Copenhagen, I thought I’d put in my two cents and tell you about the top 10 things I enjoyed most in the Danish capital. I hope it inspires you to go and visit. 

  1. Nyhavn

    Nyhavn, or translated into English “The New Harbour”, is probably the most well-known highlight of Copenhagen and even though it can get busy, it does not disappoint. On sunny days, the colours of the houses are exquisite, in gloomy weather they can brighten up your day. It’s so nice to sit by the water and have a glass of wine or ice cream or maybe even a Danish hot dog.


  2. Visit the Carlsberg brewery

    Carlsberg is a famous beer brand in Scandinavia and the old brewery, which is located in the city, is now partly a museum. You can find out more about the beer brewing process, the history of the brand, and on top of that you can enjoy a couple of beers and Danish food in their beer garden. Especially lovely on a sunny day.


  3. The Church Of Our Saviour

    This church has a splendid view over the city and its colourful and warm houses. It’s one of the cheaper views too. There is a spiral staircase that goes all the way to the very top of the church. Just make sure that the weather conditions allow entrance (when it’s snowing or really rainy, they won’t open)


  4. Enjoy the Danish pastries

    No words needed, I’ll let the picture do the talking.


  5. Feel royal at Rosenberg Castle

    It doesn’t cost you anything to roam the park and see the castle from the outside, which I think is the best view anyways.


  6. Enjoy the green at Botanisk Have

    This botanical garden is part of the University of Copenhagen. It has some beautiful greenhouses and it is HUGE. Even in winter it’s worth a visit.


  7. Release your inner child at Tivoli
    I’m not much one for theme parks, but I feel Tivoli is entirely unique in its category. For every occasion, they dress up the park and it feels like an entirely different world. It’s like a light festival, a cute market, fun rides, great food and old-fashioned stalls combined and although that sounds kind of crazy, it somehow works.


  8. Enjoy the space at Amalienborg palace

    Amalienborg palace is the official palace of the Danish king and queen and it is here that the changing of the guards takes place. I loved roaming the spacious square (which is actually a circle), plus it offers a great view on Frederiks Kirke.


  9. Invest in some Scandinavian design

    If there’s one thing Copenhagen has enough of, it’s furniture and design shops. Personally, I’m a fan, so I could totally see my future house decorated in, well, basically everything that was sold there.


  10. Walk (or bike!) around and enjoy the beautiful streets

    And if you’re lucky you might come across a Christmas Market. Or two. Or three. Well, Copenhagen is beautiful in every lights. Sunny or gloomy. Winter or summer. Day or night.