The Hague- City Guide

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a little right-before-Christmas trip to The Hague, in the Netherlands. We did some blog mentioning worthy stuff, so here we are. Den Haag turned out to be a cozy, compact city with very little must-sees, but lots of hyggelig cafés, coffee roasters and shops. If that sounds like your cup of tea, definitely read on.

Before we headed straight to the town of The Hague, don’t skip Museum Voorlinden. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a cool museum. It’s a modern art museum that houses the biggest private collection of the Netherlands. We definitely experienced some ‘Hu?! That’s cool” moments. Our favourite pieces included Ron Mueck, Yayoi Kusama, and Marthine Tayou. It’s an very slick, cool lined museum right on the edge of a huge park that is ideal for walking. Best of both worlds!

In The Hague, we made Rariteitenkabinet our first stop. This little quirky shop was one of our favourites. It’s home to an unbelievable amount of stuffed animals, gems and weird collectioners objects. The man in the shop told us it was his passion run out of hand (only a bit). We didn’t know where to start or how to stop looking.

After a bit of walking around we needed some warming up, so we decided to stop by the Van Kleef Jenever distillery. It’s one of those places where it looks like time stood still. But here comes the cool part, you can choose to do a tasting there and they let you try any type of jenever for only 80 cents. Bargain! We went home with a bottle of the local ‘Haagsch Hopje’ flavour, a super sweet caramelly coffee flavour.

Worth strolling through, or if you’re into shopping, is the Passage. Another plus is you stay dry when it’s raining!

My boyfriend and I are both breakfast food lovers and I believe that if we could pick one type of meal to have every day, breakfast or brunch would be it. Needless to say, we take picking a place for breakfast very seriously. On the first day, we stopped at Bartine. Small, but great food. I’d recommend the sourdough bread with blueberries and thyme as well as the golden latte. Yum!


On our second day, we tried the Yoghurt Barn. It turns out it’s a chain of breakfast places that do lots of yoghurt dishes as well as frozen yoghurt. Another winner!

The best gifts can be found at De Bonte Koe – chocolade (best chocolate), Van Stockum Boekhandel, Paagman, American Book Centre (best book selections), Koffiebranderij Boon (best coffee), Free Beer(best specialty beer) and Inproc (best tea and coffee).

For lunch, we went to Instock. It’s a restaurant that has mostly vegetarian meals on its menu AND it uses food surplus from supermarkets and local bakeries to combat food waste. And did I mention the food was delicious? I’m still dreaming of the crispy chickpeas on top of my fully loaded vegetable sandwich. More yum! Top tip: make reservations in advance, because the place doesn’t have that many tables.

That’s it! We wanted to go to Scheveningen beach too, but the rain and wind decided otherwise. Next time!

Any requests for the blog? Lemme know!

Rotterdam – a shopping guide

Between Christmas and New Years, my boyfriend and I took a little getaway to Rotterdam. We took things slow and explored some of the great architectural constructions like the Markthal, saw some art at the Kunsthal and wandered the city’s streets. There were definitely too many nice looking shops and cozy cafés, but we managed to squeeze in quite a few! I’m giving you an overview below so you can enjoy some of the best ones. The shopping must go on!

PLEK – concept store


What? This concept store is a design lover’s dream. From clothes to homeware, this place has everything in its own style, from Scandi chic to German retro. They also have a great selection of fragrances. My favourite – the Bon Parfumeur in the scent 301 – a woody scent with sandalwood, amber and cardamom. It was love at first smell.

1024px-Globe_icon Website


STEK – de stadstuinwinkel

Where? Nieuwe Binnenweg 195B

What? It’s the urban jungle lover’s dream. You walk into the shop and immediately get that jungle vibe: there’s literally plants everywhere! If your love of plants exceeds the plants itself, like me, you  will also like the botanical greeting cards and lovely ceramic pots as decoration. The shop owner is also really helpful! Basically, I could live in this store and be perfectly happy.

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Haagseveer 99

What?  Anyone that knows me, knows I absolutely love this brand. It’s a Danish design brand that distinguishes itself from others by using unique shapes and colours. Regular scissors, clothing hooks and towels become objects of marvel. Time and time again, I end up buying nothing at all because I want everything and my budget just doesn’t allow for that to happen.

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Nieuwe Binnenweg 165

What? Everything you didn’t know you needed. There’s not really anything you couldn’t live without at this store, but there’s A LOT of things that you don’t feel like you want to live without. It’s got a wide selection of greeting cards, children’s books and posters. And I mean, who doesn’t love a store that makes a Christmas tree out of books! Out of books! Right.

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Karel Doormanstraat 317

What? Really cool and edgy clothes and accessories that are comparably very affordable. From basic items to some pieces to stand out with.  I especially liked their jewellery collection, which as on point. You can kind of get the vibe of the store by looking at their website.

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298

What? Only the most amazing architectural construction in Rotterdam, with a combination of apartments and a huge glass market hall. This really is the place to be for food lovers. If you’re not already hungry by the thought of the market hall, you will definitely get some cravings when you see al the glorious food stands. A must if you’re ever in Rotterdam!

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Achterklooster 13

What? A really basic but artsy store that is enjoyable by the way it’s been set up alone. It’s kind of like a mix between a warehouse and an art or design gallery. We bought some local beer (with lime) there and socks with an unbearably cute print. It’s a great place to get a gift for the ungiftable person.

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Oppert 2a

What? A gift store that doubles up as a café. The perfect place to go snoop around when the weather isn’t that great. They have a great selection of ceramics and jewellery. Again, you’ll need nothing but end up wanting everything.

1024px-Globe_icon Website



Where? Nieuwe Binnenweg 174

What? After all the shopping, it’s nice to bop in somewhere to grab a cup of coffee or tea. This place’s interior looks like Alice in Wonderland had a baby with a Scandinavian designer (not my favourite combo) but the cake here was the and all was forgiven quickly. Try the carrot cake!

1024px-Globe_icon Website 


This is only a grasp of the many, many more shops and cool places in Rotterdam and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go back in summer one day, but I feel like these are a solid list to get your started. If you’re into one of a kind shops and laid back wandering around the city, Rotterdam is definitely the place for you.

Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments! I’d love to tell you more about it.

Until the next shopping spree! :-)


If you’re ever in Rotterdam and just like me, you are a huge fan of going out for breakfast, Lilith might just be the place for you. It’s an old bar with lots of hipster elements but a bit of a rockery vibe. I mean, the water we asked for came in a skull-shaped bottle and the music they play is mostly hard rock (in a non-disturbing kind of way!). Not to mention the food is delicious: there’s lots of options for everyone, from the bacon and eggs indulging lover (Gillian) to the vegan fruit and yoghurt bowl favourite (Me). One tip: go early! Right after we got there, the place was full and there’s a waiting line. I can understand why… :-)

When? Monday-Wednesday from 8am till 7pm, Thursdays from 8am till 9pm, Friday-Saturday from 8am till 10pm and Sundays from 8am till 9pm.

Where? Nieuwe Binnenweg 125H, Rotterdam


Zeeland – a weekend getaway

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a tiny holiday to our neighbouring country, the Netherlands for some sea, sand and fun in Vlissingen, Zealand. To be honest, we didn’t have any expectations, but we were pleasantly surprised by the friendly people, the nice weather, the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Here’s some of the highlights of our trip for your interest, in case you are planning a trip yourself or if you’re just a nosey little creature like me who likes to know what other people do in their free time :-)

Vlissingen – the city centre

We spent quite some time hanging about in Vlissingen’s city centre. Browsed some of the shops, enjoyed the Dutch pedestrian and bike friendly environment, had a cocktail, looked around the harbour, you name it!

DSC00994 copy

DSC00996 copy

DSC01000 copy

DSC00990 copy

DSC01014 copy

A must-see or do or whatever is the book shop ‘t Spui ! The shop has some great books both in Dutch and English. They even have these surprise books (gift wrapped books that you buy without knowing which book you get) and some great cards to send to family and friends. Even better: the shop leads straight to a florist shop seeing as they are connected indoors by a huge reading table that you are allowed to sit at and read. Coffee, flowers and books: what else does a person need?

DSC01004 copy

DSC01007 copy

DSC01010 copy


We did a 40 kilometer bike tour through the dunes, Dishoek and part of Middelburg. Because the landscape is so flat in this part of the country, it’s ideal for biking. Really, it’s the best way to see this part of the Netherlands. It’s how we discovered how pretty this coast is.

DSC01029 copy

DSC01026 copy

DSC01033 copy

DSC01021 copy

DSC01043 copy

DSC01038 copy

DSC01056 copy

DSC01072 copy

A day trip to Middelburg 

Whether you go by bike or car, the bigger city of Middelburg is only a short while away. Its historic centre is cozy, and if you’re in for some shopping, this is the place to be around here. Take a channel tour and soak up some of the glorious sun while you see the main sights around. A day well-spent!

DSC01088 copy

DSC01099 copy

DSC01095 copyDSC01112 copy

I don’t think the pictures need any more explaining, they speak for themselves. If you’re in for a short getaway, for a weekend or a couple of days, this hidden gem of a place is ideal!

Let me know what your favourite getaway place is, I’d love to know!

Until more travels,

Bloesems à volonté

Het is nog even wachten op de officiële lente, maar ik moet zeggen, bij mij begint het toch al wat te kriebelen. Mijn zonnebril heb ik al opgeduikt van onder het stof, mijn zonnecrème staat klaar en de eerste mojito’s zijn al gedronken. Binnenkort ruil ik, hopelijk, mijn moddervoetjes dan ook in voor zomersproetjes.

Zoals je wel kan horen, ben ik een echt lentepersoon. Iedereen is goedgezind, alles mag al eens iets meer op het gemak en de wereld krijgt stilaan weer een beetje meer kleur. Zo ook in het Hageland, waar de komst van de lente maar één ding kan betekenen: een ware bloesemzee bedekt de heuvels van dit prachtige gebied in Vlaams-Brabant. Om er zeker van te zijn dat iedereen kan genieten en dit prachtige, doch kortstondige, fenomeen niet hoeft te missen, organiseert Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant in samenwerking met 11 Hagelandse bloesemgemeenten en andere partners een waar lentefeest: drie weekends lang staat de regio in het teken van dit adembenemende bloeifenomeen.

Het eerste weekend vindt plaats op 14 en 15 april en staat in het teken van “Vuurmagie”. Tijdens één van de nocturnewandelingen, geniet je in combinatie met sprankelende vertellingen van talrijke vuurkunstwerken die de weg verlichten doorheen de fruitboomgaarden. De avonden mogen dan nog fris zijn, bij het zien van de draaiende vuurcirkels krijg je het sowieso onmiddellijk warm.  Op vrijdag 14 april gaat deze vurige wandeling door in Landen, doorheen het natuurdomein de Beemden. Op zaterdag 15 april slaat de vonk over naar Zoutleeuw, waar wie niet genoeg krijgt van het spektakel kan blijven voor een exclusief nachtje tussen de bloesems. Stond toevallig op mijn bucket list! En nu ook in mijn agenda dus. Klik op de afbeelding voor meer info!

Nocturnewandeling_Gonda_Copyright de Vuurmeesters.jpg
Copyright De Vuurmeesters

Het tweede weekend is all about “Picknickpret” en vindt plaats op 22 en 23 april. Met een resem aan activiteiten zoals een dauwwandeling, huifkartocht, bloesemwandelingen, zoektochten en, uiteraard, picknicken, stel je je dag samen zoals jij het zelf wil. Een gezellige lentedag verzekerd. Bij Fruit Vanhellemont in Meensel-Kiezegem zal een sprekend picknickkleed (ja, het bestaat!) je doen wegdromen met verhalen over het romantische Hageland. En als madame daar niet in slaagt, doet de overheerlijke picknickmand (op bestelling) of de omgeving dat zeker wel. Voor mij klinkt dit alvast als een mooie balans tussen actief genieten en luilekkeren; wie vindt mij op het picknickkleed of tussen de bloesems? Als je dit zelf ook niet wil missen, meer info krijg je door op onderstaande foto te klikken.

Sprekend picknickkleed_Gonda_Copyright Kartelle  - 8.jpg
Copyright Kartelle

Last but certainly not least, is er het derde weekend dat dan weer in een culinair kleedje is gestoken. Proeven van het  “Culinair Op Pad” weekend kan op 29 en 30 april. In verschillende gemeentes zullen er fruitige activiteiten mee te pikken zijn. Of je nu met de fiets of te voet bent, bloesems zijn er à volonté. Wie slim is fietst de bloesemsnelweg langs knooppunten 356, 45, 192, 50, 58 en 59 om zo het onderste uit deze toch wel lekker gevulde kan te halen. In Tienen zet je even je fiets aan te kant en kruip je even dichter bij je geliefde op het romantische bloesemterras bij fruitbedrijf Reynaerts. Op en top genieten en heerlijk samenzijn. Zijn je voetjes moe van het wandelen, geniet dan van een verwarmd voetbad in Linter. Bloesemwelness klinkt mij alvast als muziek in de oren. Afsluiten doe je in de bloesemlounge in Geetbets. Eens neergeploft in één van de kleurrijke bean bags, geniet je van een smaakvol streekbiertje of -hapje. Dat is nu eens echt genieten van de lente! Meer info nogmaals door op de foto te klikken.

Bloesemterras_Gonda_Copyright Gaspard.jpg
Copyright Gaspard

Ikzelf kijk alvast heel erg uit naar deze mooie activiteiten. En stralend weer heb ik besteld. Nu hoop ik alleen nog op jullie gezelschap…

Tot dan?