Why I Blog

People often don’t know I  have this blog. It’s only when I tell them or when they see my posts through social media that they know. It seems weird to me, seeing as to me it’s a relatively big part of my daily life. I’m always surprised the word “hobby blogger” isn’t written on my forehead somehow. But anyways, I love to blog and here’s why.

Firstly, writing is my number one creative outlet. I love to juggle with words and to carefully consider what to put where. I love that you can rearrange and change your mind. My blog is a space that allows me te be or do whatever I want to. It could be poetry one day, it can be a lifestyle or fashion related items the next. My mood constantly changes and I thoroughly enjoy that my blog can change with me.

Secondly, it’s a fantastic way to look back on things. Sometimes when I’m not really feeling it, I scroll through my own Instagram and blog and think: wow, I’ve done so much in the past few months or years. I’m always stunned at how many good moments there have been. It’s a great way to keep those memories safely stowed and always at hand to cheer me up.

Finally, this blog gives me a platform to straighten my thoughts, to make lists, to get out there what I feel needs to be heard or simply be said, whether it’s being read or not. It’s how I structure the dreamy, emotional and creative part of my brain. What’s even better is that this part gets to interact with people; there’s nothing more fun than seeing someone like or reblog a post and reply to comments. It’s the best feeling to see that a blog post doesn’t just end with the reader, it’s only the starting point of a discussion.

So, that’s why I blog. No matter the time or effort, I’m determined to keep this blog going and I’m excited to see how it evolves as I grow.

© Lotta from Stockholm



Who knew

That falling in love could be

So easy

As if yesterday was today

And all days in between

And as easy as sneezing,

Blowing the fluffy sides of a

Youthful dandelion

The candles of a birthday cake

back on fire

Who knew

That falling in love could hit

So hard

And so wrong

Make so rightfully yours

Who knew that falling in love would be

So easy

As if yesterday was nothing that

Today could not fix

And all days in between


As easy as

Breathing in the fluffy sides of a

Youthful dandelion

Feeling the softness

Take root

The leaves grow

Who knew

That falling in love would


So much?



Ben ik beloften nagekomen

Mezelf niet voorbijgelopen

Maar even dagdromen


Deelde ik grapjes uit

En lach voor lach

Vergat ik even mijn sinaasappelhuid


Zag ik jou, op de fiets,

En als bij bliksemslag

Was er niets



En vergat ik


Heb ik mijzelf weer wat herkend

En geworden wat ik

In brieven naar anderen verzend

Lieve woorden

En een heleboel “ik weet niet meer wat schrijven”-s


Word ik wie ik wil zijn




Ben ik ik

En nooit meer


Of minder